Tuesday, May 25, 2010

For My Mum, that's Why

Its 'pretty' - so you automatically know its not for me. :o) But I do like how it turned out. Hope she likes it too. It's a memo board (you slip your photos under the ribbons)

Designed this class to be something that people could make to give to their mum's on Mother's Day, but since I couldn't take this back home till class was over, I can only give this to my mum now - haha. Don't worry, we got her other things on that day.

Some close ups of the butterflies (which was everyone's favourite bit, or so I'm told) (my favourite bit is the rough sandy glitter BEHIND the butterfly - haha):

Anatomy of a Butterfly:
Bottom layer - stamp on wood or cut shape from glitter paper
2nd layer - stamp with Staz On on transparency
3rd layer - flowers
4th layer - key tied with ribbons
* all the layers (except the key) are stapled together.

This is good prep for doing wedding stuff....


Sue said...

Very pretty, Sharon! Love the butterflies and the flowers. I always do. ;)

Peggy said...

Pretty indeed!!! Of course she'll love it!
xxx Peggy

Anonymous said...

so gorgeous! Now I wish id attended the class! =) Jacqueline

teacher jessy said...

So beautifully made!! I love both the butterflies & also the glitter. Such an awesome idea for mum!

Shirley said...

Glad your mum finally got the memo! Am sure she loves it! I loved it too!

jazsutra said...

Such pretty gift for mom, sharon!!!
and your June's projects are awesomely fabulous.as always.

and,Thanks for your bloglove ;)

Yin said...

I love the gift!! & thanks for sharing the makes of that lovely glitterly butterfly. Nice!!

Rachel said...

Thank you so much for sharing the makings of all these wonderfuly stuffs =)

feli said...

this is so pretty!! are there still any more of these boards left? :P