Thursday, May 6, 2010

That's Not Me...I'm Chubbier Than That

Here's the 'partner' to the last layout and this one, like the previous one, features lots of Martha Stewart glittery goodness AND once again a photo that's not mine. (guess whose?)

I fell in love with the mao mao (tinsel glitter) while doing the last layout and so used LOTS of it here. (its all stuck on with double-sided tape)

My favourite bits:
1. The microbead encrusted 3D glue dots (where the word "day" is) - they remind me of a certain kind of sweet....or bug eyes.

2. The 'sunshine rays' coming out from behind the photo - made with 2 scraps of paper placed in a 'V' shape, with yellow and orange distress ink blended into the gap.

OK, no more glitter for now... :o)


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Peggy said...

Sweet, pretty and fun ... gorgeous work!
xxx Peggy