Sunday, May 16, 2010

Taking Part in 52Q

Evelyn invited me to take part in the 52Q journaling challenge - where you basically 'answer' one question per week by creating a tag or card or anything small.

Its a fun exercise and makes a good break from designing for class (especially when your a little bit 'stuck' - which is what is happening to me right now...sigh....). Best of all, its great to see what others make and draw inspiration from it.

So, I got a pack of 52 cards:

and I've decided to alter one card, front and back, for each of the questions. I think I'll to try and sometimes incorporate the alphabet or picture from the card if it is relevant and other times I'll just cover the whole thing.

Here's what I've done so far:

Q17: What is Your Super Power?

Q18: What is On Your To-Do List Today?

That little piggy is so charming I think he is going to be on every card.

I've got 16 questions to catch up on, so let's see how I go!


teacher jessy said...

That is such a fun idea!! You sure you are stuck? I don't think so :)

evelyn.boon.s.k said...

so that is where you got the cute shape cards from?!?! Hehehe...cute....glad you joined. It's always great to see your creations

bibimoon said...

oh....such cutie.
i wld wish to create an ATC on a once a week basis but still has not get started.
it's so much fun doing all these small cards ya.

Shirley said...

Q19 : What other ways can I think of to make weird projects?...(Wahahahaha!!)

Wendy Kwok said...

your answers are really funny!

Edleen said...

these are really adorable Sharon!!!

Danisha said...

Would love to find out where to get the 52 questions. What a great keepsake!