Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stamp Sharing-Day 2

Masked Shaped with Gradated Stamping:
1. I stamped a heart shaped stamp onto a thin piece of paper then cut it out. (the design on this doesn't matter. We just want the shape to be used as a mask)

2. I glued the heart shape onto cardstock with a tiny tiny amount of glue.

3. I stamped lots of images in different colours all over the cardstock. (the heart shaped area will be protected)

4. I rubbed a little ink around the heart shape to get the brown 'halo' around it, then removed the mask.

That's it! See ya! Tomorrow's is one of my favourites.

1 comment:

teacher jessy said...

The stamps u used are so pretty la!! Can't get those lacy borders here :( Thanks for sharing ur beautiful techniques :)