Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stamp Sharing - Day 3

Burnished Background:
1. I stamped lots of different images onto the background cardstock with different shades of ink.
2. Then I painted over it with matte medium and left it to dry.
3. Then I rubbed gold accent powder all over it - the accent powder will give a nice sheen to the background 'cos the dry matte medium is slightly tacky. (The photo doesn't quite show it but the shine is really quite nice)
And then of course you can stamp more images on top of it!

(Incidentally, if you are liking the set of stamps that have been featured in this class. Its actually from Crafty Secrets (Art Studio) and its available at Laines.)Another day another way to stamp!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,
This is an interesting technique, I have to try it! But where can I find gold accent powder? Avail in Laines?
cheers, Stone

The Nostalgic Scrapper said...

I like what you've done here... and the stamps too!!!

sharon Ong said...

Hi Stone (?),
Yup, there are various shades of powder available at Laines. They come in small pots - brand is Palette.

teacher jessy said...

This is awesome!! You can start writing a book for all these cool techniques u tried...seriously!!