Friday, August 6, 2010

Stamp Sharing - Day 5 (last day)

I saved the most complex for last - its the technique used to create the background on the cover:I read about this in a book (sorry....can't remember where) and it kind of turned out a bit different from how I remember, but seems to work nonetheless.

Fake Batik:
(Here's a close up so you can see what it looks like)

Materials List: (You can tell it's a real 'technique' when you need a materials list - haha!)
1. Chipboard
2. Patterned crepe paper or tissue (mine is from Tattered Angels and has that ' Las Vegas showgirl fishnet stockings' pattern)
3. Clear UTEE
4. Embossing Ink
5. Black paint
6. Multi-medium / gel medium (Mine is Claudine Hellmuth's Studio Matte Multi-medium)
7. Heat Gun
8. Kitchen Towel / Paper Towel
9. Iron (set to high)
10. and a stamp of course.

1. Glue the crepe paper /tissue onto the board with multi-medium. (make sure you seal it in well). Let dry
2. Stamp / Emboss images with clear UTEE (try not to choose a super intricate stamp)
3. Paint over whole thing with black paint (do not dilute). Let dry.
4. Place paper towel over the stamped area and press with iron. The iron will remelt the UTEE which will then be absorbed into the paper towel leaving white areas where you can see the design of your tissue showing through.

(What's cool is that the paper towel you used now actually has a very nice pattern on it too!)

Whew! That was a mouthful! Hope you had fun. Back to regular blogging next week! See ya!


sharon said...

hehe ... hello sharon ..

I kaypoh lah .. i know where u got that technique from .... my idol's book .. but he used clear embossing powders instead of utee .. but utee is cool too ..

Sharon C

sharon Ong said...

Hey thanks Sharon! Ah, now I know where! heh heh.

Jennie (Jenn) said...

thanks for the tips! me go try out now!! wooohoooo....

teacher jessy said...

Super gorgeous background!! I love it eh. So nice to see ur creations in so many ways!!