Thursday, August 19, 2010

Reasons to Smile

So many reasons to smile today:
1. I am thoroughly known, loved, forgiven, saved and therefore...eternally grateful
2. My sweet Baboo grew sunflowers that are taller than he is

3. The kids studied without (ok, minimal) complaining
4. We all went swimming together
5. I finished off two layouts for September's layout class:
Paint splats inspired by Ronda

Yes, those are pink (ugh!) roses. And yes, they have (gulp!) glitter on them

6. Which means that I finished ALL my September class projects (here are sneaks of the other 2 classes)
Metal cover album using 10 Seconds Studio tools

altered suitcase using Sassafrass Lass paper

7. Because I finished all my class design assignments, it means I get to play with all my new goodies:
- a new batch of yummy Purple Onion stamps
- all the 7 gypsies goodies I got but haven't touched yet
- new products from CHA that Cyn, Mer and Laine brought back for me to play with

Hope all my smiling is contagious..... otherwise, drop by the store tomorrow. I promise to show you the real thing and throw in a hug for good measure.


teacher jessy said...

Haha pink glittery flowers!! That's pretty eh!! Wow u r fast in creating. Very impressed that u've completed Sept classes!!

I love the sunflowers, they are so tall!!

The Nostalgic Scrapper said...

hey they look absolutely wonderful.... all of it!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

um.. those sunflowers are crazy tall!

Lyndis said...

wow impressive sunflowers, man.

jazsutra said...

Sharon, your hubby so lovely, plant such tallllll flowers for you ;)

and am always inspired by all your beautiful projects for classes.thx for being such a great inspiration and always full of encouragements ;)

have a blessed week ahead,

Wendy Kwok said...

Wow... such a fruitful week... I am still rushing out Sept class too.!!! Awesome sneaks

Jacq said...

Those flowers are brilliant! I am super impressed with the green thumbs on your baboo! And such girly, glittery, pinkness! wow!