Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday's Good for Sharing

It's raining buckets today over here....and I'm quite liking the weather actually... It's a strangely un-manic Monday... and I hope you'll enjoy what I'm sharing today:

1.  This Majadesign 6X6" Paper Stack
goes to Xylvie - congrats! Drop me an email with your address so I can send this over to you K?

2.  Halloween Projects:
I had fun making these Halloween projects using my Purple Onion stamps.  They're meant to be a 'set' for a Halloween party:
Door Hanger
 (You know why he's creepy? 'cos he's got 2 right hands..)

Goodie bag
We don't really celebrate Halloween at the Ngoo house but I had a lot of fun making these projects.  :)


Sue said...

Cute Halloween projects, Sharon. I especially like how you positioned the hole for the door hanger over the chap's mouth. :)

Blossom inch said...

oh wow..those are fun and beautiful!

Xylvie said...

omg!! this totally made my day! sooooo the perfect papers for a mini that i am planning to make my newborn nephew!

thanks sharon! *hugs*

curlyqmosaics said...

I absolutely love these projects! They are so fantastic, I plan to buy every stamp set you used to create some myself. We have a big Halloween party every year and these would be perfect!!! TFS!

Heather Jacob said...

this is the very very best halloween project I have ever seen ... so clever, tasteful, arty, and useful ... love it to bits Sharon .. I just adore coming here to visit ... hugz x

Heather Jacob said...

hey Sharon why not put this into the LESSology challenge ... the criteria is a paper bag .. this would be perfect ..
go for it you could win a great prize
go for it Sharon !!!!!!

Kiki said...

So fun project!!! You make fantastic creations!!! i love the last one!!!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

i LOVED that rainy monday!! LOVED!! in fact ... please RAIN NOW!! i need the cool air. LOL.

donna mikasa said...

Your projects are AWESOME, Sharon! Didn't even know POD carried those stamps! Trick or treat!!