Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Did It! I Did it!

Layout Title: Sloooww Boat to Redang (Design for Purple Onion)
Stamps used = the Z's and the cloud

It was supremely painful, but I did it - I made a layout with a tremendous amount of white space. This is a big deal for me because:
1. I find this VERY difficult and VERY uncomfortable
2. I ALWAYS think I need to add more, then I fiddle more and do more and end up having to distress everything to 'rescue' it....haha.
3. See that tiny red brad used for the tiny word 'to' - it took SOOOO long to decide on that (thanks Betty for being my helpful critic)

Sasha, you're rubbing off on me!

Happy Accident to Share
Very cool happy accident on this one (from the Stamping class I showed you in the last post). This is done using Ranger's Clear Resist Ink and Glimmer Mist (I used yellow, orange and red). To get this effect,
1. Stamp Clear Resist Ink on white cardstock, heat to dry
2. Spray glimmer mist all over white cardstock for colour (choose the more intense shades)

For some strange reason, the Clear Resist Ink, seems to collect the pigment from the glimmer mist resulting in the nice effect in the background (see the flowers and grass?). Maybe can try this also with water colours? (The white words were stamped on a transparency with White Staz On and laid over the background)

It's funny 'cos Clear Resist Ink isn't actually supposed to be used this way - it's meant to be used on glossy paper and you stamp it, then rub dye based inks on it and the part with the ink will 'resist' the inks i.e. stay 'white'. Mine is obviously not resisting at all....haha quite the opposite!

So, see what happens when you break the rules? Heh heh!

p.s. I think you can tell I decided not to care whether or not people think I am naive for sharing class techniques on the blog - life's too short to let cynicism get to you eh? *smile*

Tomorrow is Good Friday - I must remember why it's good. (I'm glad God wasn't cynical about humankind)


Peggy said...

I for one can't be happier you decided to keep on sharing your techniques with us Sharon, you're the best! Thank you so much!
xxx Peggy

Julie said...

Yeah on your for conquering the white space Sharon. Love your layout. Keep on sharing too, like you said as long as you know you are giving credit where it is due then all is good.

Wati Basri said...

love that layout with white space..join the group Sharon!! and that techs shared is just awesome! tfs girl!

Chok Keun said...

Hi Sharon, you are being selfless to share some of techniques and tips on your blog. Brovo to you!