Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Think My Feet Have Finally Stopped Hurting

Creative Escape by Numbers
67 scrappers all in rows
3 terrific guests and 3 awesome classes
12 hours of scrapping, eating, scrapping, phototaking, autograph collecting and more scrapping
2 'highly enterprising' little old ladies who came with plastic bags to help themselves to leftover food after every meal
2 hands all stained with purple alcohol ink (my hands, Donna's ink - very honoured!)
6 tired Teaching Assistants with 12 very sore feet
A gazillion signatures collected from our wonderful guests Kah-Mei, Tia and Donna
Hundreds of celebrity snapshots (Can't believe I didn't take any myself!!!)
More than 20 bags full of trash to clear away
More than 30 cartons of stuff to take back to the store for unpacking
1 boss very relieved that everything went smoothly

Whew! Maybe we'll do this again next year huh? (but let's just not talk about it right now - haha)


Sasha Farina said...

*giggles* I need foot massage.. but seriously, i would do it again in a heartbeat (barefoot, this time). Not tomorrow, of course, i have no babysitters, but yes.. I'm gonna do it. again and again and again. you didn't take any photos with them? shd have taken at the after party if you realized it then! but we were all stoning already, eh? LOL. lucky I didn't landed on the floor while getting off the high stool. aiyyoh.. so many things to talk about. I'll come by one of these days lah.. LOL.

CK Chai said...

Thanks Sharon and all the kind assistants. I've enjoyed the day very much!

jaz lee said...

Sharon, This looks huge. Glad all went well. Looks fun!shall try to join in when you have it again in the future and when lil skyler don't cling on to me anymore teehee!tfs...-jaz

my paper love studio said...

i think you pretty much sum it up... but you forgot... tons and tons of fun.