Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This is What It Looks Like When I Get Artsy:

It was a real treat putting this together. The project is actually really small (about 3.5 X 5.5") but each page is chock-full of lumps and bumps - just the way I like it. Hope you ladies who were at class enjoyed the mess!

Mini Quote Book: "Wise Words to Live By"
Favourite bits:
1. the black burnt bit around the frame - black embossing powder
2. the big wooden button (from textile centre)
3. This quote: "It is the sweet simple things in life which are the real ones after all"-so true, so true
4. The orange background: Ranger Clear Resist Ink + Glimmer Mist
5. The cracked and crumpled transparency (crackle stamp + melted transparency)
6. The background (masking fluid + glimmer mist)
7. The butterfly (Purple Onion!) and the quote: "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give"
And this is the super artsy project I'm making for a class in May. I totally enjoyed this project because:
1. I got to use my favourite Claudine Hellmuth Studio Matte Multi-medium (sniff sniff...ahhhh)
2. I got to use pictures of 'kaka' (that's what Cynthia calls those 'scary' faces of long-dead women they have in the images from Artchix - like the lady in white in the corner - totally freaks her out)
3. I'm quite proud of the fact that I made my own metal number from scratch (See the 9? you'll get to do it in class too) - 10 Seconds Studio!
4. It's black white and red (sort of) - my default colour scheme

And now a little philosophical musing ....
I actually created calendar pages using digital stamps from Rhonna Farrer's digikit as part of this project and was thinking of printing out the pages for everyone to use in class too - but......realised (only after I spent 2 hours designing the pages!!!) that I don't think I'll be able to do that because I bought the digikit for personal use and I think printing it out in class wouldn't be right.....sigh.... it's back to the drawing board I guess.

Which got me know, its hard sometimes - there are so many things you can say to yourself to convince yourself that its ok to do stuff like that (After all, its only a few copies, Rhonna wouldn't know about li'l ol me far far away in Singapore, everybody copies....etc.) but I know only too well how it feels to have people copy your stuff and not credit you and so I don't think I could conduct those classes with a straight face if I did end up using the Digikit....

And maybe that's why sometimes I wonder how much of the techniques I used in class can be shared online. Am I naive if I share so much? Will people stop coming to class and simply wait for me to write about the techniques online so they save money (and surely there will be people like that) and am I therefore 'cheapening' my classes? , Am I selfish to not share the techniques I know? I honestly don't have an answer...

But maybe I don't have to be afraid...and I'll just keep teaching, sharing what I feel comfortable with and as my son says "I may be small, but God will fight for me" (He got that out of a storybook about David and Goliath) - as long as I myself am doing what is right, giving credit where its due, being honest when an idea is not my own....He will fight for me.
Sorry....the rain is making me ultra-reflective today....*smile*. Have fun getting artsy today you guys!


Kate said...

ooo... i love all the textures!! will definitely be looking forward to that!

Sue Lui said...

Such a gorgeous album Sharon. And I saw your new class in real life and me likey!! Must try and find time to attend.

I really like that you're so generous with your techniques online. For me I'd still rather attend your class if I can because there's nothing like seeing and trying it out firsthand. But I do understand your concerns. Just do what you're comfortable with. :)

Peggy said...

Hey Sharon,
I would like to thank you for sharing your techniques with us. I do understand your doubts, but for people like me, who live far away and have no chance whatsoever to ever attend one of your classes, it is the only way to learn from you. I don't think you need to worry about people not attending your classes because you already put a tutorial on a blog, there's such a big difference between going to a class and getting face-to-face instructions and advice, and just working on your own following written instructions. It might even prove to be a positive thing, that way people know from reading your blog that going to your classes will be worth wile... But I agree with Sue, you should do what you're comfortable with, nobody will hold this against you.
xxx Peggy

Lynne said...

Hi Sharon,
I teach a few classes and show others techniques that I've been shown or have seen on the internet and in magazines. What I find is that the people at my class have often read the same magazine but either haven't got round to trying it or think it will be too difficult and so they appreciate having someone to take them through it step by step so they can see how easy it really is. So I don't think sharing techniques online will put many people off coming to your class - they come for the fun and the sharing as much as what they actually learn.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much ladies for all your encouragement and kind words - guess I was just feeling kind of cynical that day (very unlike me...haha) after I received some comments from someone....thank you for helping me see it from a much better perspective - *smile* (now, that's more like me)

Valerie said...

i cant imagine how to scrap like dat without attending your classes! keep them going ok.... and posting (coz forget camera/ camera no batt/ camera no space!!) its my only form of de-stressing!


God gave you a gift in scrapping... use it well! (you are already doing so!)