Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Things

1. Laine's Anniversary Month!
It's been 4 years!!!! I've been doing this for 4! It's a testament to my sis's hard work, perseverance and business smarts how the store has changed and grown. So many reasons to celebrate! Happy Anniversary Cyn, Nancy, Iver, Betty,....! It's wonderful working with you guys!
Check out Laine's April newsletter for all the great deals going on this month - just in time for the new arrivals too.... (Tim Holtz Ideology.....yummmm!)

2. OVERSTOCK SALE!!!! at Purple Onion!
- All the stamps listed here are 50% off!!! While stocks last! This is good stuff ladies - go go go!

3. Mr Fishy:
Thanks Peggy for tagging me in her blog - must say, it was fun making silly faces for the camera again. I absolutely think you should never 'grow up' so much that you take yourself too seriously.... So, here's my official "Mr Fishy" face. My kids absolutely crack up over this one. (You're just not laughing yet because I couldn't make the 'gills' effect with my hands - had to hold the camera.). Haha.

4. This Layout: "Me & Che Che Berry"
No ink, no distressing! I think it fits the photos, no? Favourite bit? The 'bite' in the patterns where I doodled the flower petals. Hmmmm.....wonder what else I can 'bite'...
Sending many happy thoughts to all of you wonderful friends who have supported Laine's and our classes - you are the reason I have been able to 'play' at work these past 4 years and I am so very grateful.


Jennie (Jenn) said...

what can i say....
you are soooooo cute..

auntie at BK sent her regards to you too ;p

Peggy said...

Didn't need to see your hands to laugh Sharon, I love your pic, I just knew you would be up for this!!! I'm glad you had fun too, isn't it great to just act silly sometimes?!
Your LO is beautiful, it's such a happy page, no inks or distressing needed!
xxx Peggy

Edleen said...

Happy Anniversary to Laine's!!! great store, great people :)

you look so cute there. should do this face more often..hehe

have a Fabulous time in April!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

such a happy layout!! happy Anniversary!!

Wati Basri said...

congrats to your shop to bits and there is where I took my 1st SB class...thanks to Elaine for answering to my stupid questions...LOL!!
cheers to more years to come!!!

Sophia said...

Happy Anniversary to Laines!!! Wow! 4 years!

Just found your blog and had attended your class once before =) This month's classes looks so fun! Will find time to sign up!

I've added you to my list of muse-spirations over at my blog!