Thursday, April 30, 2009

April Favourite

This is my favourite April class layout:
Layout Title: "Just For Ben"
Why this is my Favourite April layout:
1. The colours - just so happy, like his expression
2. The song lyrics - Really cute song. Check out the old Sesame Street muppets singing it here (My favourite bit is when Cookie monster comes in at the end)
3. The nostalgic pictures from the KCo patterned paper and Jenni Bowlin chipboard buttons
4. The bumpy dots around the inner circle - made with dimensional pearls
and best of all
5. The memory - Benny was mesmerised when I sang this song to him and when it ended he hugged me and gave me a big kiss - sweet.

It always pays to sing to your kids (especially while they're too young to tell that your singing sucks - haha)


Sue said...

I remember the song Sharon. :) So sweet your little Benny is.

Anonymous said...

this is just too cute. i wanna go for this one, just have to find a suitable date...

Angie said...

I like this layout most too which was a must go for me. So lucky to have attended this class