Saturday, May 2, 2009

National Scrapbook Day Sale and giveaway!

Hey hey, check out the National Scrapbook Day Sale at Purple Onion! This is your chance to pick up some of those lovely purple onion stamps you've been eyeing - especially those Alphas!
And Michele, being the wonderful lovely generous soul that she is, is also having a giveaway too!

Check it out here.

Happy Scrappy Day!

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Shirley said...

After seeing all the sb sales around for the sb day, I hope i didnt miss out any great sales at LP!! I was way too busy during the weekends to pop over!
And ya, got smething to ask you... do you mind refreshing my memory on how to get the photo onto canvas using gesso? You taught that in a canvas class that I attended sme time back. Forgotten the steps la. Hee hee!