Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Teal Appeal

Something about this colour (teal) just appeals to me.... Layout Title: "Beth @ 7"
You might like to try:

1. Making your own 'metallic embellishments (see the metallic looking strips with 'flowers'): Its fun to use up your old chipboard shapes by gluing them onto thin chipboard sheets and then wrapping the whole thing with aluminium foil (or in my case foil tape stolen from hubby's workshop). Work it gently into the creases to get clear shapes, then decorate metallic strips with ink, paint, glitter etc.) Bet this works with die cuts too - but maybe not so 'pop'.

2. Making glittery glossy accents: For the Number 7, I covered a chipboard number with glossy accents, then while it was still wet, sprinkled glitter on it. Left it to dry then shook off the access - quite nice. Same could be achieved with Stickles / glitter glue I suppose....but you know me....gotta find the harder way to do things - haha.

'Teal' next time....! Have a great week ahead


Kate said...

i live the colors!! very soothing..
thanks for the tips!

Peggy said...

So pretty, I like that colour too!
xxx Peggy

~Sasha Farina~ said...

are you reading my mind? I was just thinking.. after red, teal is my 2nd fav color! :D

Edleen said...

so teal~lific!!! your Girl is so cantik laa :)