Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Knock Knock Who's There?

Here's a mini album I designed for April class called "Knock Knock Who's There?"
and the inside...
Mini Album: "Home is where the Heart Is"
The cover is supposed to look like a door (hence the corny class name)....but somehow I think the 'vegetation' took over and you can't quite make out the door anymore....haha. Don't know why by I think my cover looks very 'hobbit' house like...

Necessity is the Mother of Happy Accidents:
Q: What happens when you don't have enough metal keyplates / keyholes to give to people in classs?
A: You engineer a happy accident and make one of your own!

Make Your Own Keyplate / Keyhole:
1. Find a chipboard circle/ small piece of chipboard.
2. Using your cropadile (or hole punch), punch one big hole in the chipboard, then one smaller hole below.
3. Using your craft knife, cut 2 slits joining the big hole to the little hole to try and make a keyhole shape
4. Emboss chipboard piece with metallic embossing powder and distress with ink - voila!

Just thought you'd like to know....the original chipboard covers I was assigned had pink and white polka dots on them....bleagh! So I covered them all up with cardstock and used the inside of the cover (which had nice woodgrain on it) instead - haha!

And before I go, here's a cute joke my son told me which seems to fit today's theme:

Knock Knock.
Who's there?
Peas who?
Peas to meet you!
(trust me, its very cute when he says it)


Kate said...

i've seen the sample at the store and sooo wanted to sign up for this. but the timing was never good for me.

*sigh* another missed chance to take your class...

Edleen said...

your son, so cute! :D

that album is truly awesome!
you always so Creative laa :)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

happy.. happyyyyyyyyyyyyy accidents!!! :D love the album.. looks gorgeous!

Chok Keun said...

cool! thanks for sharing the technique on making Keyplate / Keyhole :)

jazsutra said...

Another aaaaaaaawesome project sharon.and your boy too cute!!!

Peggy said...

Gorgeous!!! And thank you so much for sharing that keyhole technique with us - so easy... now why can't I come up with things like that???? You're the best!
xxx Peggy