Friday, May 8, 2009

How Sweet It Is To Be Loved by You

Layout Title: "Sweet"
This entire layout was designed around the stamps (super cute baking theme ones from Crafty Secrets)
Sharon was being Super Corny because she...
1. put doilies in the background
2. made a 'Menu' for the journaling
3. tried to find red checkered paper for the background ( like a picnic blanket) but had to settle for this one cos it had enough sheets to use for class
4. found a picture of daughter eating
5. found cake / chocolate pictures to cut out
6. Put the word "sweetie" below her daughter's picture because that's also her nickname
7. Contemplated making brown chocolate stain's on the paper for authenticity but decided against it for hygiene reasons. (actually on hindsight, a little brown paint wouldn't have been a bad idea...haha)

And speaking of sweet....

Sharon's family is very sweet because....
1. Her husband kept the kids from bothering her and let her go to bed early because she was super sleepy.
2. Her kids kids drew pictures and made lovely cards for her which they left under her pillow while she was sleeping.

Ah......soooooo sweet.

Also Sweet is....
1. The Make & Takes going on this weekend at Laine's (starts today, ends Sunday)
2. The Great Scrapbooking Sale VIP event going on at the end of the month (29 - 31 May)

You guys coming over?


Sue said...

Really cute layout Sharon. And Beth's growing up to be such a pretty young lady. :)

Julie said...

Love this Sharon looks gorgeous. Love the pictures and cards left for you while you were sleeping by your children, very cute.

Anonymous said...

this is just too cute for words!

oh, i'll be there on saturday... *chuckles* i can't wait!

Shirley said...

This is such an utterly sweet LO! Love the dollies. Tried using them b4. Mine turned out looking like a granmother's left over cookie party! Hahahahaha! Removed the dollies and started all over again!
And yea, thankx so much for the gesso advice!

Jennie (Jenn) said...

so sweet... had such fun with you last sunday!!

btw, beth likes her teal bag?