Sunday, May 10, 2009

Experiments and Explosions!

Layout Title: "With You, Everyday is an Adventure"
I certainly had an adventure with this one...

Experiment: (a.k.a. Happy on-purpose accident)
Sharon's (twisted?) thought process:
1. what can you mix with acrylic paint to make it more rough, more lumpy, more bumpy? How about:
- glitter powder - check
- UTEE - check
- Wax pellets - check
2. Now let's try painting it all over the background.... mmmmm, nice and sandy.....
3. Taking too long to dry....let
's heat it......
4. the UTEE is melting and making little brown dots in the paint..... and now the wax is melting, leaving nice 'burst' pimples on the surface.
5. Mmmm.....good....
6. Note to self.... next time maybe I'll mix in some real dirt....or rice....or sesame seeds....or....Bwahhahahaha (evil scientist laugh)

Favourite Bits:
1. Th
e exploded 'holes' with twill and rope in them
2. The ice cream sticks behind the word 'every'

Was actually thinking that this would have made a very cool pirate-themed page....

Happy Mother's Day everybody! Don't forget to hug the ones who made it possible!


Julie said...

lol sharon love the commentary on how you did the background wish is awesome by the way. Love it.

Peggy said...

Awesome LO, I so like your creativity.
xxx Peggy

Aida Haron, Singapore said...

Hi Sharon, you amaze me with your creativitiy, it was good sitting across you at Celine's class. Thank you for the use of the Orange fat AC markers, what a genius idea !

Anonymous said...

i can't feel the thing, but i love the textures on this!!

nice to finally meet you, sharon! *huggies*

- kate

Edleen said...

Happy Mother's Day Sharon :)

Beautiful piece of work!!!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

happy happy accidents!miss you!