Friday, July 2, 2010

Work is a Gift

This week, I was struck by how blessed I am to be doing what I am doing (Thank you God! Thank you Laine!). It was not always this way (and may not always be this way), and I shouldn't take it for granted.

This week I was 'extra' blessed because:

1. I got to teach people who were happy and eager to learn and share - they made class so fun and enjoyable (Thank you students!) - Eh, other students from other classes (not in this picture), its not that I'm not thankful for you ok? Just don't have photos of you!!

2. People gave me free scrapbooking materials and trusted me to create stuff with it (Thank you POD! Thank you Laine!)

Layout Title: Happy Birthday to You

A little close up so you can see those POD stamps in action! (I'm quite proud of managing to position the star in the Date me circle - *ahem* - haha! As if! All happy accident of course!)

3. I got to have fun with my colleagues in the name of work. (Thank you Mer Mer! Thank you Shir Shir!) It's always a bit kooky crazy when we get together - I like!

And today, I get to finish the week with a fun time with Yanni, Mer Mer and Shir Shir! Yay!

So....thank you God for a good week's work!


~Sasha Farina~ said...

you're just so sweet Sharon!

Julie said...

love your layout sharon

Shirley said...

OMG!! You actually did a PINK LO!! But it is simply gorgeous! It's so pink but you made it so you. Am guessing everyone is on a PINK roll?? (Mer Mer's fault? Make so many pink stuff!! Wahahahaha!)I think you should use the pic of you holding umbrella as an inspiration photo and scrap about it ya!

Helen Tilbury said...

Just popped over from Jessy's blog - you make some very beautiful pieces! I enjoyed schmoozying around ;-D