Monday, July 5, 2010

Very 'People's Republic of China'....

This mini album cover that is....

Maybe its the colour combination... or the red star...or the red bicycle..? I didn't mean to do that....but next time maybe I'll do it on purpose....'cos I LIKE IT!!!

This was my favourite class project from last month. Quick! Guess what the covers are made of?!!! Ans: Grungeboard! - Ok ok, its probably nothing new, but I got very excited about it while I was doing it. Here's a closer look at my favourite bits:

I used a full sheet of Tim Holtz grungeboard alphas, glued it on a Jenni Bowlin Bingo card, painted it, inked it, stamped on it, embossed on it and I was SUPER happy with the outcome.

So happy that I got lazy on the inside (haha!) and just repeated one idea on the inside. But its a fun idea you might like to try:

Masked & Spattered Embossing:

1. Place a Tim Holtz mask on cardstock.
2. Spray over mask with glimmer mist or Maya mist
3. Remove mask
4. Sprinkle on embossing powder (dont' just pour it might get a blob and not a 'spatter')
5. Heat to dry

Its nice to get that 'not quite there' image instead of the usual very defined mask.

Hope your week is off to a good start! I'm a little disappointed that I can't teach class this Wednesday (have to go help set up the new PaperMarket Raffles City store)....but.....duty calls! See you all soon K?


Darien said...

Gorgeous!! I love the colors!!! Thank you for the tips!!!!!

teacher jessy said...

This is so seriously GORGEOUS!! I like the many textures on ur album & what a cool way to use grungeboard!!

Wati Basri said...

nice cover Sharon...loving all the details :)

Jill said...

I can never get enough of your work! I could stare at all the gorgeous details hours! This is simply amazing!!! Woweee!

Edleen said...

very nice, i like!!! always inspiring :) have a great weekend Sharon!

Peggy said...

gorgeous!!! Whatever you didn't mean to do, please do this more often!!!!! I loooove it!
xxx Peggy

Kathy said...

wow what a cover its really great