Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Like Collage....

1. You don't have to 'think' and can 'anyhow do' and it can still turn out ok
2. Nobody can ever recreate the same thing - not even yourself - so every collage is one of a kind
3. I'm not good at being neat and clean (ok this is the main reason)

So here's a recent collage adventure that I enjoyed - we did this class in June - an altered 7 Gypsies Receipt holder.

Thank you thank you everybody for signing up for the class! It always amazes me that people are willing to spend time and effort coming to class to get messy with me.... thank you thank you.

Here are a couple of close ups:

The secret to easy collage is to just stain everything brown! ('cos ink covers a multitude of 'sins' don't you know - haha!). But here's a helpful secret ingredient that makes for nice even staining!.......WATER!

When rubbing Distress ink all over your collage piece, try spritzing your ink-laden sponge / foam with a few spritzes of water before rubbing it all over your paper - works for me!

OK....gotta run! Off to teach class today - woo hoo! Go stain something K?


Helen Tilbury said...

OK LOL! Just bought that TH spongey thing for spreading the ink! Know the water trick too - I have filled an old hairspray bottle & keep it just for spritzing & spreading! LOOOOOOOOVE your collage & all collage in fact! Once did a big flower pot modge-podged full of olde worlde papers inked & decorated...too gorgeous...u make me wanna do something collagey again! Soon maybe!!

Edleen said...

saw this and it's truly awesome!!!

Peggy said...

Such a beautiful project ... I'm not at all surprised people would want to join your classes!
xxx Peggy

teacher jessy said...

I want to learn from you, Sharon!! Do you accept online students? Lol! That is a gorgeous project & very vintage indeed. I wonder how much ink you used for each project.

Nancy Wethington said...

Featuring this on my blog today. It is sooooo wonderful!