Friday, October 14, 2011

A Rather Color-Coordinated Post

Here's what I and the Critters have been up to these days... (for some reason, everything seems to have red /brown in it)

1.  Critters behind the Camera (and yes, I know they're supposed to be studying):

" Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!" -  by Beth Ngoo

"Chilli Crabs on Sleigh" - by Lego Ngoo (the artist formerly known as Spaceman Spiff)

2.  Potentially Embarassing Photos Return Home:
Thank you everyone for making this bookbinding class a super fun class to teach - thank you for stitching and chatting, jokes about bra cups and for keeping all your comments about my gawky teenage photos to yourselves. ;)

recycled cardboard box covers with canvas spine. Long stitch

 what's in the capsule (aka bra cup)

 spine (best bit in my opinion)

inside pages (and no, you cannot see the potentially embarassing photos)

3. Stocking Up on Mojo:
I've been using this:   Follow Me on Pinterest to get those creative juices going. Now to get off the net and get some real work done!

The next post will be a sneak of November classes - promise!


Blossom inch said...

This is so love love this project of yours...what a nice nice album and love the cover totally.

Sasha Farina said...

no fair! i wanna see the potentially embarassing photos! :P

Sue Lui said...

Such cute photos and that mini album of yours looks SO wonderfully vintagey and grungy. I want! :) I want to see your embarrassing photos. Please post! ;)

Heather Jacob said...

OMG Sharon !!!! I cant get enough of your work it is so outstanding !!!! full of creativity and inspiration ... love, love, love, it !!!! hugz x

Kiki Aposeki said...

So much inspiration in one creator!!! I love your amazing work!!!

Cynthia Lloréns said...

I love to came here Sharon and see all you have created....I love each detail in any project that you maked!!!
For me you are a big inspiration...and I have a dream to have a class with you on day!!!!!
I wish a wonderful weekend to you and your family my sweet friend!
Kisses and huges!!!