Thursday, October 30, 2008

Haha...I have You Don't have

Ok, ok, it's not actually mine so I don't technically 'have' one....but Betty and I get to play with it first! The Making Memories Slice came in to the store last night and we fiddled around with it this morning. I must say its really easy to use and fun too. The interface is simple and pretty idiot-proof so that's cool. There's also a lot of nice materials like acetate and shimmer papers and things that the Slice can cut - those are coming soon too -yum. Here's some stuff Betty made with the Slice already:
As Betty would say..."mei mei" (pretty pretty)....
You can call Laine's at 63336831 to find out more about prices and discounts and stuff (Me blur, always not so sure about those kinds of things...)

We Interrrupt this Program to bring you...

Here's sneak peeks of what I designed for the classes at Laine's in November.
The Canvas Book class one is the one where I tried out Gesso image transfer onto canvas - the super fun technique Betty showed me. fun fun fun. Will post full pics after the classes are done.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Those Cursed Stickers!!!!!

Altered Art: Heidi Swapp Clock
This is another project I designed for October.

1.This photo of the Critters - both smiling, both so happy.
2. The way the different types of blue paper came together - my kind of colours

1. Arranging those cursed transparent stickers!!!! I decided to be 'funny' (or as those of you who know me would say "chao pattern") and stick the stickers on the inside of the transparent cover that closes the clock face. I had a horrible time trying to position them the way I wanted and tore quite a few stickers in the process.

By the way... we'll be running this class one last time in November at Laine's so you can do it up as a Christmas present - makes a nice gift eh? You can get it in pink/red too if you like. I'll be sure to include warnings about those cursed stickers - haha!

Other Favourites from October

Layout: Different in a Good Way
This is my other favourite layout from October's layout class. No major discoveries on this one, but just liked the way the towel looked on the layout (its on the right side of the background). And for you guys in Singapore, its actually the "Good Morning" towel - "Zhu jun zao an" - cheap and good! Stole one from my husband - haha! This is his favourite type of face towel.

Favourites from October classes

Layout: Quite a Rugged Boy

This is my favourite layout from October's layout class. (Hope you guys had fun smooshing the paper!)

Happy Accidents & Other Discoveries:

1. This is the layout where I accidentally 'invented' paper ruffles. (I used this technique on the "Thank You" layout for Purple Onion also - see last post)
2. That's about it actually....I was so happy with the ruffles, the page just all came together without much more fuss...Love when that happens.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Layout: Thank You for Making It So Easy

This is one of the layouts I submitted for the Purple Onion Design team finals (Thank you thank you Michele!) and features the "Thank You" version of the new block stamp from Purple Onion. You can also see how the stamp's been used by other designers on the Purple Onion Blog - good stuff.

All stamps used on this layout are from Purple Onion (of course) :o)

Happy Accidents & Other Discoveries:

1. Making a collage is super fun - for the collaged square in the middle of the layout, I basically collected all kinds of weird knobbly objects, glued them onto a piece of chipboard, whitewashed them all, then coloured with inks and sprays - tedious, but thoroughly enjoyable. Then I layered a stamped transparency on top (Purple Onion word stamp)

2. If you fold paper strips and smoosh them together you can make cool 'ruffles' (like the ones on the edges of the collage). We did this technique in our October layout class and I think everyone had a fun time 'smooshing' their paper. Will post the October layouts next time.

3. I managed to get this shot on a horribly sunny day. It was really yucky outside but the sun shining through the window made for a lovely 'halo' around Beth's face...very happy accident.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wowee! Thank you Betty!

I just tried out a super fun and cool image transfer technique that I learned from Betty - very very fun!

Can't wait to show you guys. It will be featured in November's Canvas book class so do look out for it ok? Still trying my best to finish the project this week.

I'm In Love with Japanese Paper

Layout: "Growing Up So Fast"
This is another layout from the "Botanic" class I designed and I absolutely love how the tree turned out - thanks to a new favourite - Japanese paper. (not sure what the real name is...)
Happy Accidents & New Discoveries:
1. When you tear 'Japanese paper' it gets these really nice fuzzy edges and looks great overlapping each other (see the foliage of the tree?)
2. Using the "Elmer's Glue crackle" method is a fun way to create wood grain (see tree trunk). I actually learned this technique from reading Claudine Hellmuth's book "Collage Discovery Workshop - Beyond the Unexpected". Basically goes like this:
- paint base colour with acrylic paint - leave to dry
- rub Elmer's Glue All over the base colour - leave to dry till 'tacky'
- paint other colour over glue (don't brush too much) - then cracks will appear when dry
3. Colour coding all your scraps and then chopping them all up into smaller pieces makes for a good textured background (see the cream coloured background)
Best thing I like about this layout? The 'baby heads' in the tree....haha.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stamping with Abandon

Layout: "Together is the Best Place to Be"

This is my favourite layout from September's "Botanic" class cos of how the Critters were so natural in the photo and how 'free' the stamping felt - using the roller stamps was super fun.
Happy Accidents and other discoveries:
1. Used KI Memories lace cardstock as a mask and rubbed ink over it to create the pattern on the left. (When you don't like the words, just reverse them and then it becomes texture - nice)

2. Not cleaning your roller stamp and using the 'leftover' ink to grunge up the edges of your layout is cool - just the right amount of ink (you have to zoom in on the pic to see it clearly) (plus you don't have to clean your stamps so much!)

3. Not inking your journaling stamps fully makes good grunge edges that are not to 'blocky'

4. Black and blue - makes you think of bruises, but actually works really well as a colour scheme. (But then, for me, black goes with everything -haha)
By the way, for everyone who attended the class, all 3 layouts are up on Laine's Gallery in the "Designer Studio Archives" http:// if you need to refer to them.

Thursday, October 16, 2008