Friday, September 30, 2011


A lot of times I get boxes to alter for classes, but its actually quite fun and not too hard to make boxes from scratch on your own.

Here's one we made in class last month.  It's made from 7gypsies book covers (6X6") which are great for box building 'cos the chipboard is nice and sturdy.

Through the magic of Beacons glue and some washi tape for hinges, you get a box that flips open like this:

 And a little book to keep inside it.

It feels quite good to be able to make a box on your own (as opposed to buying a pre-made one and altering it).  So maybe everyone will get boxes for Christmas this year eh?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

October Layout Class

I owe you this one....

These are the layouts for October's class.  They've both got fun textures on the background and lots of yummy vintagey prints and images.

All the sneak peeks for classes are out at both Laine's and PaperMarket so drop on by to have a look!

Jaz has designed such beautiful whimsical projects this month (love that hot air balloon!) and I love love love how this month both Mer and I made lots of vintagey brown things!!! (Check out her "Travel the World with My Bag" and "Remember This" class).....She and I also both featured the new texture spray "goosebumps" in our classes.  Great minds think alike Mer!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rusty Suitcase Version 2

Here's an altered suitcase class which ran last month.

It's got all my favourite colours and stamping and I had some fun stamping adventures along the way... I wrote down steps so you can try too!

Stamping Adventure 1: Fuzzy Background print

1.  Stamp with Archival ink on the back of a Hambly Screen Print (the slightly shimmery kind)
2. and after waiting a while, buff it off with a dry tissue.
- the image will become fainter and fuzzy plus all the excess ink gives the whole paper a brownish tinge.

Stamping Adventure 2: Embossing + Gesso

1. Emboss images on the surface with gold embossing ink.
2. Paint a thin layer of white gesso over everything
3. Use a cloth to rub off the gesso so the images show through
4. Stain everything with Distress ink

A big thank you to all who attended the Rusty Suitcase Version 2 class!  I am really glad to hear so many of you had fun (despite all the stamping and 'scrubbing' we had to do).

Monday, September 19, 2011

October Sneaks (some)

Just a quick pop in to show you what I've been making for October:

1.  A twisty-tie + pencil + sewing bookbinding class.... with an 'old attic' feel

2.  A glimmer mist album - you can make yours any colour you want.  I made mine green / turqouise / tan

October is ALL vintage!!! (My third class is going to be Graphic45 Layouts) Woo Hoo! See you in class!

Friday, September 16, 2011

They Keep Growing... scrapbook stash....our book collection....all growing....

Just yesterday hubby was commenting how he's finding it harder and harder to do this nowadays:

The effort required seems much greater and the 'liftoff' much lower these days....

Guess hubby (and I) are growing too....just in a different kind of way. ;)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Kampung Days...

The September school hols are over.  It's back to school for the Critters and back to the old routine for me.  This past week has been very 'kampung like' somehow (kampung = village in Malay)...with a real sense of community, family and the enjoyment of simple things...

1. Comics are more fun with a buddy
2.  Stray kittens are a little scruffy but they are very cute
3.  Home made pomelo lanterns are best
4.  Clayton - a new friend given by a dear friend
5.  Fun with strange fruit
6. sunset and satay by the sea
7. Crocodiles are scary when provoked
8. Sympathy for the ostriches
9. Teasing Berry is fun
10. hanging with the cousins - sorry no pic

And here's a layout that has a bit of the 'kampung' feel eh?

And in keeping with true kampung community spirit, here's a little tutorial on how I made the leaves for this layout:

You'll Need: scalloped circle punch (medium sized ones are nice), scrap paper, scissors, stapler.
 1. Punch out scalloped circles with your punch. (double sided pattern paper works well)
 2.  Fold the circle in half and staple it at an angle (see pic)
 3.  Gently re-open the circle, folding it outwards such that the stapled part ends up as the 'underside' of the leaf.
4. Finish off with ink to highlight the creases (of course)
5. Make some more.

Have fun!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Let's Bee Corny!

I loooooove the little bee from the new Love Bugs stamps by Stephanie Ackerman for Purple Onion Designs!!! (butterfly fans out there will be happy to hear the set comes with a butterfly as well)

 I love the bee so much I used him as the theme for a (rather corny) mini album for the cutest nephew in the world:

Bee....yourself: ( a little masking, painting and misting here...)

Together is the best place to Bee:

Let's Bee Friends:

There can be miracles, when you Bee-lieve: (haha - this one is my favourite!) And those letterings are my all time favourite Purple Onion Skinny Dip alphabet stamps


Bee Brave:

The best is yet to Bee:

 Wanna Bee corny too?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Brings.....

1.  A Little Card:

Over at Scrap for Help, the September challenge is up!!!  There's lots to see from the design team and some really brilliant ideas for using recycled items.

For this challenge, I snipped off bits of the plastic net bag that came with our oranges and used them to add a little texture to a card (see if you can spot it):
[All papers from majadesign]

The card's a bit of a cop-out actually.... I originally wanted to do a whole layout covered entirely with the netting, but then it ended up looking a little 'sleazy' somehow (reminded me a bit too much of fishnet stockings - maybe I shouldn't have painted it all black.... haha).

2. A Small Mention

of me here - don't really know what they're saying about me in Norwegian, but I'm assuming its all good! :)  I am honoured and thankful.

3. A Short Holiday 
with a little break for us and the kids over the weekend.... catch you when I come back!