Tuesday, August 30, 2011


- for  a workday that didn't feel like work
- for special guests from far away
- for sneaky sisters and surprise cakes
- for hugs and wishes from awesome friends 
- for ever-giving family and lovingly-prepared meals

For all the overwhelming love and kindness showered on me this weekend.........I am so thankful...

You all made turning 40 super special! (not scary at all!)

Friday, August 26, 2011

September Sneaky Peeky (cont'd)

Sneaky Peeky 3: an accordian mini album (as in literally "accordian" like the musical instrument)

And yes.... I made this.
yes....it's pink and girly and glittery
no....I didn't wince / puke / complain while making this
yes.... it was fun!
yes....i like this!  'Cos it fits the subject (my niece) perfectly! (All of my photos are in the other album instead - heh!)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

September Sneaky Peeky

Harlow!!! Got stuff to show you! September class sneaks:

Sneaky Peek 1:
A bookbinding project! Long time no sew!!! This one is bound with long stitch and has a canvas spine.  Plus! a fun mini shadowbox on the front.  I hope you can tell this one's gonna involve some homework right? Heh...
Sneaky Peek 2:
2 Layouts! With zips and also enamel accents! You'll get your very own bottles of enamel accents to take home! :)

Project number 3 is not quite ready to show her face yet, but I promise she'll make an appearance soon!

The class schedule should be coming out really really soon so keep a look out for it K?  See you in September!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Last Day Last Day!

Sale Banner
8th Anniversary Sale
all stamps 25% off
sale ends Sunday, August 21st at midnight

Friday, August 19, 2011

Pocketchange Blog

Just a quick note to highlight a cute little blog that has lots of little snippets and links to different blogs with inspirational ideas for crafting, home decor and other fun DIY stuff.

It's called pocketchange And it was very kind of them to mention this li'l blog on their recent "best of the web: Be@Home #36" post.

Thank you very much!  :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Running Late....but still...

I've been a little behind in things on the blog....so....here's a little catch up...

1. The Sweetest Girl in the World turned 10

My Li'l Bear

 We celebrated at the Night Safari and brought some new friends home with us...

Stripes and Willy join the family

She's growing up so fast....and we are proud of her.

Beth and her friends won a Silver award at SYF arts fest

And here's a project that I've been wanting to share with you.  We really had fun spending a whole day working on this project in class in July:

An altered metal case with ring binder inside for album

lots of fiddly bits on the cover
 my favourite bits are actually the vintage images in the background

Me being corny (for the record... it spins)
 lots of space for photos and notes

There's still more stuff I want to show you....projects for September classes, for example, but looks like I'm running a little late with those too!  Almost done, almost done!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Anniversary Sale and New Stamps!!!

Hey hey!!! Exciting stuff going on at Purple Onion!

The new stamps are all on the website and available to order.
In addition, all stamps are 25% off for our 8th Anniversary Sale!  Please enter code SUM2011 during checkout to receive the sale prices.  The sale runs through next Wednesday, August 17th.

Go! Go! Go!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Cards Coming Up


Here are some cards I made using Purple Onion stamps:

This one's my favourite

This one reminds me of Starbucks somehow...

For when you are REALLY thankful to someone...

Like I am to all of you who drop by this little blog. Thank YOU!

I'm in the midst of designing classes for September now....will show you sneaks when I'm done K?

Friday, August 5, 2011

B is for.....

is for....

Put your language skills to good use and stand a chance to win new soon-to-be released stamps from Purple Onion!!!

"B" is the theme of all the new stamp sets being released this Wednesday 8/10!  There are 7 stamps/stamp sets whose theme start with the letter B.  If you would like a chance to win some of these stamps then start guessing!  You have until midnight Sunday 8/7 to leave a comment on the Purple Onion blog post with your 7 "B" guesses.  You are only to post 7 guesses.  Winners will be drawn at random from all the correct guesses of a particular theme.

Free stamps just for guessing???  Then I guess B is for....

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm Glad You Have Each Other

He has a Che Che to keep him company on his time-travelling adventures...

Calvin (aka Benny) zooms off in his time-machine! Don't forget the goggles!

And she has a chatty little brother to whisper to in the dark so she won't be afraid
 Beth and Checks get ready for bed. Don't forget Squishy!

 And I have a card that kind of sums it all up:

All stamps from Purple Onion

Thank you God!

Monday, August 1, 2011

1st August...aka Monday

Morning!!! It's August!!!

which means....

The new challenge for the month is up at scrapforhelp! (or it will be, depending on the time difference...) This month's theme is "Fathers" (apparently Father's Day is celebrated in August in Brazil - who knew?) and you'll have to use a bottle cap / cigar / matchbox on your work.

Here's what I made - for the Critters' 'Pop' - and yes, that is what they call him - Pop

 It's a small altered shadowbox frame with a collection of all kinds of bits and bobs to symbolize all the things he does for them.  You can have a closer look if you'd like...
And today is also.... Monday!!!

Which means....

As promised, somebody gets to win this:
And so...... Hi Julia Cheang!  I drew your name out of the hat!  You need to email me your address (write to sngooies@gmail.com) so I can send you this stack of paper K?  :)

Hope your August and Monday is turning out Spiffy! (love that word - we're using it a lot around our house these days with Benny reading Calvin and Hobbes all the time)... see you soon!