Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bits by Bit, Piece by Piece

Here's my favourite layout from September. Its very clean (where's the ink Sharon?) and I had real fun doing this - making a page without any 12X12" cardstock or patterned paper. The entire page is made up of journaling tags. They're all held together by one transparency in the middle.

Layout Title: "Perfectly Ordinary (and perfectly beautiful)"
Another shot of it on a piece of chipboard so you know there isn't a piece of cardstock below:
Journaling reads: "Not always exciting, sometimes mundane, often routine but always precious - Perfectly ordinary and perfectly beautiful"

That's what life is like these days.

Try this:
1. Collect together all kinds of journaling tags or die-cuts (good to have a coherent colour scheme)
2. Using a transparency as your base and your cutting mat as your guide, arrange the larger items to form a page around 12X12" in size
3. Layer, layer, layer!

Quite fun to do cos you can't quite know how it turns out in the end....might do this again - in colour! On to the next scrapbooking adventure! I get to work with canvas in October again! Woo Hoo!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Skinny Dip

Layout Title: "Gotta Have My Daily Dose of Buddy Love" I love the name of this font stamp from Purple Onion: Skinny Dip!
And had quite a bit of fun colouring the letters in with white pen on this layout.Short post....long day today....

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Reasons to Celebrate

Reason No. 1: She's 8 years old todayShe's happy, healthy, sweet, obedient, generous, kind, funny and such a good kid - I have so many reasons to be thankful.

We had a few school friends over for some cake, ice cream, ribena and shrink plastic fun. (Laine's has some in stock right now by the way).

She made these:
and I made this - couldn't resist joining in the fun.Reason No. 2: My First Time...
I got this in the mail....
(Stamper's Sampler Aug/Sep 2009 issue)
Then started jumping up and down like a mad woman (not kidding - ask my husband) when I saw what was inside:
The fine print reads: "All samples on this page were created by Sharon Ong who lives in Singapore" - that's me!!!!!!!!!!!

All this is possible because of Michele (head Onion), who suggested I send my work in to them - wouldn't have even considered it if not for her - thank you Michele

The jumping up and down has stopped but the grinning is going to be around for at least a little while longer I think...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Everyday Things

We're back to school after a nice long weekend and things have fallen back into routine, homework and all the daily mummy duties....there are smiles and joy to be found even in these everyday things.

Layout Title: "Our Everyday Routine"
I really like how the little circle pictures look...and it was fun using my finger to draw the spiral in the white paint.

Here's a tip: if you put transparencies/ overalys onto your cardstock (I used Hambly), you can get quite a thick layer of paint on your page and not have your cardstock warping so much.

Note: The smaller circles are stamped in paint using the plastic packaging from my pack of Tim Holtz metal circle tags.

Layout Title: "This is Why It Takes So Long To Get Homework Done Around Here"
(It's probably a little hard to see but that's a photo of Benny trying to get his sister to play Spiderman while she's trying to do her Chinese homework)

I absolutely love love love the title - and the fact that it takes up more than half the page and the little turtle in the "LONG" is my favourite corny little detail.

K, gotta go. I'm late putting the Critters to bed and they're conveniently not hurrying me to finish this. Tomorrow's another every-day.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Foiled by Fingerprints!!!

This was fun because:
1. I actually felt the idea 'hit me' (in a very pleasant way) - I saw a frame idea in a magazine recently and was opening up a packet of IKEA frames I found in my storeroom intending to try out the idea. Turns out the IKEA frames came in a pack of 3! I totally forgot about the magazine idea, stacked 3 frames together and ta dah!2. I love transparent things - and 3 layers of transparent goodness is 3 times as good! (except I don't seem to know how to photograph this to show you the depth of the layers - each of the 3 butterflies is on a different layer)

3. I got to use lots of lovely Purple Onion stamps (including the lovely new teensy weensy butterflies): Ornamentals Set, Butterfly Set, 2009 Vintage Calendar Stamp, Blossoms, Small Number Block Set
4. I have a corny title (but 'deep' also ok?) - the title is "Thankful for Life" - so it can be "I am thankful for everything I have in my life" or "I will be thankful forever" - not bad right? (*smug smile*)
5. It matches my home decor!!!
Now if only I had remembered to wipe all the finger prints, wood dust and cat hair (!!!) off the 'glass' before I sealed those darned frames together!!! (WITH SUPERGLUE!!!! Aaaaargh!)