Friday, November 25, 2011

December Sneaks

Got things to show you!  I finished designing all my classes for December and here they are.  I tried to keep to my resolution of avoiding my usual colour combinations and here's the result:

1.  A Teal and peachy orange desktop calendar for 2012:
The calendar part is included in the class as well.  I put in quotes I hope you'll like)

2.  Three layouts all with grey+something:
grey+grey...haha (this one's cheating)
 grey + red
 grey + yellow
In class you'll be learning how to make those flowers by hand....fiddly fun.

3. And a modified Cross-Structure Binding book thats (*sheepish*) black and brown...sorry, couldn't take it anymore...

You can drop by the store to have a closer look if you like.

And December is traditionally the time when classes fill up faster 'cos everybody is clearing leave and taking a break from work, so you might like to book early.

And I'll see you soon

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Keeping Busy...

Schools out!!! And here at the Ngoo house we are busy busy busy.  (warning: photo-heavy post ahead)

Classics for the Critters
 bet you can guess whose this is
 the girl's tastes are a little more refined
 not for the children....obviously (and yes, I like weird books)
 all the ngoos like this one

Designing and Building...
training to be the next Vera Wang 
 starting a Pinch Bot army
 making movie characters
 working together on "New Block City" (which the robots subsequently invade)

And me, I'm trying to get my work done....
But Wall-E keeps disturbing me...
The next post will have some projects... promise!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Reasons to Celebrate!!!

Purple Onion's got loads of new stamps out!  They're super fun and all the super talented Purple Onion DT gals have been making loads of lovely samples.

This one by Courtney Kelley my favourite! Simple, effective, perfectly executed!  And perfect for the current post-exam celebratory mood at the Ngoo house (heh heh)

There are loads more awesome cards to see here 
And you can check out the new stamps here

Go go go! Click click click!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Eventually Everything Turns to Brown

We had a lot of misting fun in this class in October.  Shirley and I 'wrapped' the entire table in plastic and chicken rice paper so that everyone could mist to their hearts content.  Love watching people play like that....its what makes class fun.

Everybody got to create their own colour scheme for the book 'cos all the colour washes on the pages were made with mist.  There were pinky-orangey-purpley pages,  greeny-bluey-yellowy pages, even pastely pinky bluey pages.

I tried to make mine teal and green and orange....but as always, everything turns to brown....and my orange got turned into brown instead (oh well):
Hmmm....for some reason, when I look at it now, I find the frou frou tulle ribbon on the rings very weird looking.  Think I'll get rid of them.

The book is made from this:
along with some canvas pages.  Here's a few of the pages on the inside:

canvas page
 my favourite page (colour-wise)
 my favourite page (photo-wise)
K, bye bye. Gotta run.  I promised myself that all of next month's classes will NOT be my usual colour schemes....let see how it turns out.

and oh, p.s:  for those of you who were asking about extra packs of Fastenation add-ons that you can buy, there are still some left at the store (laines) so you can drop by.  (Nows a good time to get them I think - you know, discounts and stuff)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

In the Attic...

I don't have an attic....but if I did... maybe it would have cool stuff inside like this:
 Like an antique dress form and gold TV (haha)!

 This is my favourite project from October.  It's a bookbinding class (of course) and has

a pencil + twistie tie binding:
A jumbly messy inside:
With lots of little pages within pages...
 all tucked away...

Thanks for indulging my "twisted" ideas - haha.  The fact that you guys still sign up for classes after all these years is something I am ever so grateful for.  Hope you had fun eh?  More bookbinding to come?  I still have tons of string left ;)

Friday, November 4, 2011

We Love Paper...

Beth draws comics and builds dollhouses with it...

Benny makes origami cameras and paper planes with it...

Baboo likes it best when its covered in words that he can read...

And me, I like to use it for stuff like this:

Layout Title: "2 Down"
...teeth that is...

This layout is one of 2 layouts in last month's DS-LEARN class featuring papers from Graphic45's ABC Primer  - awesome collection! (incidentally, the class is re-running in November at PaperMarket Plaza Singapura and Clementi Mall in case  you missed it)

Here's the other:

Layout Title: "It's Your Turn"

The best part of these layouts (I think) are the backgrounds:

book text + whitewash + crackle stamp

"goosebumps" + distress ink + stamping

K, gonna go have some more fun with paper now! Catch you later!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Christmas Wishes in November

Hello!  We're starting to think about Christmas already over at the scrapforhelp blog.  (Looks  like they follow the Singapore calendar where preparation for Christmas starts at least 2 months ahead...haha)

Here's my first Christmas-themed layout of the year:
No photos on this one.  Just the lyrics of an old Christmas song I remember.... and as always, at scrapforhelp, there's always some recycling going on in our creations - so there's corrugated cardboard, lots of packaging and envelopes and stuff on the page - love love love kraft.

Are you starting to think about Christmas too?
Check out all the inspiration from the DT gals over at scrapforhelp to get you in the mood!