Saturday, February 26, 2011


I don't know if you need to hear this today.... I know I do sometimes.I'm...
not pretty enough to be a supermodel in a fashion magazine,

not smart enough to understand quantum physics or win a scholarship
not talented enough to be a world famous musician or artist
not rich enough to live the high life,


important and special and loved enough
that God would go all out and send His only Son to die for me
And that's way beyond enough

Scrappy Info: All papers are from majadesign - mostly from the Skogspromenad Collection. (I love love love that piece of denim like background paper - and thank you thank you to Marie for sending me some more!!! And to Karin for carrying it over!)

Stuff that Has Meaning for Me:
- pure cotton tag: because that's the kind of girl I am - no silk or organza for me!
- important stuff inside: something I need to remember and something I want to teach my's the inside that counts.super quaint measuring tape - to remember that with God and the people who matter, I don't ever need to try to 'measure up'.

Friday, February 25, 2011

As Promised...

Here's sneaks of the layout class for March 2011....

"Black and Cream" (DS - B&C) - using Graphic45 Curtain Call collection
My kind of style. :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

March 2011 - Sneaks

I know I'm late.... but not 'too' late I think... Designed 2 mini album classes for March

1. "Birdhouse" (prima canvas birdhouse album)
2. "Things I Learned" (Punky sprouts mixed page album)

I still owe you the layout class..... It's gonna be Graphic45 Curtain Call - right up my alley! :) Show you soon... I'm working on it!

Wanted: Lego Buddy

He only has a che che (big sister) so sometimes mummy has to do 'lego duty' when papa is not available...

I'm not as good at building stuff as he is (unless there's instructions):
the droids have a cookout- check out C3PO at the BBQ

So I help with the organizing!

it's like candy...

dont' ask me why we have so many loose arms and heads

I think Han Solo looks very happy next to Princess Leia don't you?

Sometimes I think he really needs a little boy buddy to play with.... (can't wait for this little guy to grow up)

Layout Title: "As Soon as You're Old Enough.... Let's be buddies"

Playmates are a little harder to come by in these modern times in Singapore where everyone's much more isolated and all the kids out there seem to be out having tuition or enrichment class or something...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Benny Says Relax....

This layout pretty much sums up what I wish I could do right now....
(here's a closer look at the fiddly bits)
Wish I could but I can't....gotta get off my tushie and finish those class projects! Go Sharon!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cool Card App

All you cardmakers out there might wanna check out this cool app that gives you card sketches on your iphone / pod / pad.
Best of all, the Purple Onion gals contributed some stunning cards to it!
Check it out

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Ngoo Boys

Papa Ngoo likes going on adventures
Little man Ngoo likes creatures - especially marine ones.

Layout: "Naturalist" - featuring 7 Gypsies Conservatory collection.
Mummy Ngoo likes:
my little one hasn't left the nest yet...

exclusive PaperMarket Alphabites - this brown one with dots is my favourite!

tiny window with giant bees!

A big hello and thank you to all you lovely friends who made it through this class and dilligently cut out every bee, bird and branch! Hope you liked the final result!

Monday, February 14, 2011

10 Reasons....

1. You're am I
2. You believe as I do
3. You cover for me
4. the way you hold my hand
5. Bear and Bean
6. I still think you're cute
7. You still think I'm cute
8. You let me dream
9. You know me so well
10. I promised I would

A bit mushy today....but I think it fits the occasion... :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Regrets.....I've Had a Few...But Then Again

Anatomy of an experiment:

1. Painting is always a good way to begin:
- a little white paint on a black journal is lovely to behold...2. Stamping is GOOOD:
- lovely lovely Purple Onion stamp.....ahhhh.... 3. Now let's get Another Layer on.... - Embossed Clear UTEE using my favourite Purple Onion alphabet have to look really hard to see it.
4. Black is back
- a layer of black paint over everything....aaahhh...

*Pause to breathe while paint dries*......Now, technically, what should happen next is.... that when I use a baby wipe to wipe off the topmost layer of black paint,
a) The alphabets should appear (UTEE resists paint)
b) The leaf pattern I stamped below the UTEE should show up within the alphabets.
c) I should therefore get.....alphabets with pretty white and black leaf print in them...

here we go....

5. Errm.....???!!!
- its there yet not quite there. The alphas are there....the leaf pattern is there....but.....but.....oh man, totally not what I hoped it would be......The leaf pattern is showing up inside the alphas....but also EVERYWHERE ELSE!!!

Now, experience has taught me that the best way out of this situation is to just enjoy the final result. Abandon all dreams of the original concept and embrace the unexpected!

So.... ta dah...I finished it anyway. (though I secretly wish I'd stopped back at step 4 (I really like that textured black look...hmmm...)
Things always look better with a few embellies..... :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Towel Bunny!!!

For Jessy! :)

Here's what my cousin Victor taught the kids to make over CNY this year:


You will need:
a towel (square preferred), a rubber band, some pins for eyes/noseSTEP 1: starting in one corner, roll the towel into a long sausage shapelike this:
STEP 2: Bend the sausage shape into a "U"
STEP 3: Cross one end of the sausage shape over the other. (these will be the ears)
STEP 4: Flip the ends over onto the curve of the "U"
STEP 5: Secure in the centre with rubber band
STEP 6: Add pins for eyes and nose
STEP 7: Love your towel bunny!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Year of the Rabbit

This Chinese New Year we learnt to make cute bunnies out of face towels:
And posed for our yearly family portrait.Oh, and feasted of course! (sorry, no pics)

And since Chinese New Year is supposed to mark the beginning of spring, I thought this would be a nice layout to share. (The flowers on the corner are somewhat cherry blossom-ish no?) - But all the papers are from majadesign which is Swedish - heh.
"Swing high, Swing free.....I've got your back"

Here's a closer look at the Swedish 'cherry blossoms' (which I now realise on highsight, is actually more Japanese than Chinese....oh well)Happy new year of the rabbit everyone!
This bunny's gotta get hoppin'!