Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yesterday ....

1. I went crazy over some new arrivals in the store:

(You can tell I really like 7 Gypsies. I totally ignored everything else - haha)

There are also great promotions on for Laine's and PaperMarket VIPs


These vouchers offer 25% Discount on your next purchase!!!!

2. I got Shirley excited about the technique we'll be teaching in the STAIN class

Incidentally, forgot to mention, you'll be receiving a bottle of re-inker and a bottle of stickles along with the class (not necessarily these colours of course) - so you can go home and have more staining fun!

Yesterday was all about is kiddy day!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Change is the Only Constant

July is turning into August...

1. Benny's lost another tooth...

2. Some July classes are over (which means I can show you what we made):
This is an album made from Jenni Bowlin die cut bracket shaped papers. I cut a hole (more like 10 holes) that runs right from the cover down to the last page, making a nice deep hole to hide the words in...

My dream home....a house overlooking the sea with a garden and a big tree - haha.

A close up so you can see my little pouf pouf tree...

Close up of the 'hole' that had everyone complaining about cutting (and cutting and cutting)

What's in the 'hole'...

3. August Class Kits are being prepared (thank you Shirley!):

Everyone attending Jaz's Websters layout class in August gets one of these....they're only about 1 inch tall and too cute for words.

Bye bye July, hello August!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Akan Datang

That means 'coming soon'....


- this is going to be a 2-part class because we are starting with raw chipboard and doing up the whole box - that's 6 hours of scrapping! (with a lunch break of course)


- two layouts - highly inky. (there's even one with no patterned paper....just ink and cardstock)

Schedule's probably coming out you can drop by or give us a call. Merdrey, Jaz and Shirley also have great projects up this month! So have a look!

See you all in class!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Like Collage....

1. You don't have to 'think' and can 'anyhow do' and it can still turn out ok
2. Nobody can ever recreate the same thing - not even yourself - so every collage is one of a kind
3. I'm not good at being neat and clean (ok this is the main reason)

So here's a recent collage adventure that I enjoyed - we did this class in June - an altered 7 Gypsies Receipt holder.

Thank you thank you everybody for signing up for the class! It always amazes me that people are willing to spend time and effort coming to class to get messy with me.... thank you thank you.

Here are a couple of close ups:

The secret to easy collage is to just stain everything brown! ('cos ink covers a multitude of 'sins' don't you know - haha!). But here's a helpful secret ingredient that makes for nice even staining!.......WATER!

When rubbing Distress ink all over your collage piece, try spritzing your ink-laden sponge / foam with a few spritzes of water before rubbing it all over your paper - works for me!

OK....gotta run! Off to teach class today - woo hoo! Go stain something K?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Great Weather for Sleeping In

God made days like today for picnics at the beach and snoozes in the sun....... which unfortunately I can't quite do right now. But, I'm enjoying my day nonetheless - the lovely weather makes me happy.

Here's a sleepy little someone....

Layout Title: Dream On

Here's a close up of my favourite bit of the layout:

And here's how I did it:
1. Sprinkle metallic coloured UTEE onto the page in a 'splat' shape
2. Melt with heat gun from under the page (don't heat from above unless you really enjoy sweeping the floor)
3. While UTEE is still hot (and liquidy), stamp into the puddle (I used my crackle stamp)

Incidentally, do try to use a rubber stamp 'cos I suspect bad things will happen to your clear stamps if you abuse them this way...

Happy Monday!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

POD 7th Anniversary Sale!!!

It's Purple Onion Designs' 7th Anniversary! And to celebrate, the ever-lovely Michele is having a super sale:

All rubber stamps are 25% off

sale ends Monday July 26th

Friday, July 16, 2010

PaperMarket Raffles City - Back in Action!!!

It's baaaack!!!!

Lots of lovely ladies have been slaving late into the night to get the new PaperMarket unit at Raffles City ready for the weekend and I'm happy to announce, it will be open TOMORROW! Yay! it's located at B1 - 27

Check out details at the PaperMarket Blog including instructions on how to find the unit and all the fun that's lined up!

Blog Hop Winners!

Hey hey, the list of winners for the Let's Get Shabby Birthday Blog Hop are out!

Go check and see if you are one of the 10 lucky RAK winners!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blog Hop.... Stop

The Lets Get Shabby Birthday Blog Hog is officially closed so we won't be taking anymore comments.

Do look out for the list of RAK winners on the Let's Get Shabby blog!

Thanks to everyone for taking part!

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Sense of Accomplishment...

1. Tooth's out! - He was super brave!

2. Beth's painting (acrylic on canvas) - check out those roses!

3. Conquering 'ting xie' (Chinese spelling) - apparently it helps to have your Hawaiian hula cat friend studying with you...

4. Squirrelly and the felt-bellied fat birds (This would make a great name for a rock band don't you think? haha!) - I like how these guys turned out and today I will deliver them to their new home at PaperMarket Raffles City. (p.s. Do you know why they're all made of Creative Imaginations wood veneers? Because they are woodland creatures!!!....hahaha - sorry....couldn't resist)

5. Finishing a project for August - all ten fingers severely stained by the end - that's a good sign. This is looking like it might turn out to need 2 classes to complete.....oops. (A big thank you to Merdrey for helping kick-start this one!)

6. Figuring Out how to Use Fantasy Film - that's the stuff I used to make those shiny leaves on the layout. Its fun to use and all you need is stamps (the one I used is a Fontwerks leaf stamp), Staz On ink, waxed paper and an iron. (instructions for how to use the fantasy film come with the packet). There's still some left at Laine's I think...

Phew.......that's a lot to share.......thank you for being patient! Here's to a blessed week ahead!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Let's Get Shabby - Birthday Bash Blog Hop!

Hey hey! My first blog hop! So exciting!

Over the next few days on "Let's Get Shabby", the Shabby DT girls' blogs and those of their guest (that's me!) and sponsor for the month (POD), you will find a question along with a photo of a RAK you could in the running to win. (that's 10 blogs to visit and lots of RAKs to win!)

Part 1: Post a comment on the Birthday Bash Blog Hop post on each blog and you will go into a draw to win the RAK posted on that blog. Here's what you stand to win if you post a comment on my blog:

an altered mini sketch book decorated with purple onion stamps (blank inside)

Part 2
: Figure out the answer to the question posted on each blog (there's a different question on each blog). Here's my question:

Q: Which one of the newer Shabby Girls has won a Shabby challenge?

DON'T post the answer here. Gather the answers to all 10 questions and email the answer to Julie at in one email by midnight Tuesday 13 July (Australian time - so check the clock at the top of the "Let's Get Shabby blog" if you're not sure)
HINT: The questions are all based on or around the Shabby blog and the Shabby Girls.

The 2 RAKs posted on the Shabby Blog will be won by a random commenter and someone who has emailed Julie all correct answers!
(you'll also need to be a follower of "Let's Get Shabby" blog)

So......READY, SET, HOP! (you'll find links to the Shabby DT girls on the "Let's Get Shabby" blog. And don't forget to visit Michele at Purple Onion Designs too!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Very 'People's Republic of China'....

This mini album cover that is....

Maybe its the colour combination... or the red star...or the red bicycle..? I didn't mean to do that....but next time maybe I'll do it on purpose....'cos I LIKE IT!!!

This was my favourite class project from last month. Quick! Guess what the covers are made of?!!! Ans: Grungeboard! - Ok ok, its probably nothing new, but I got very excited about it while I was doing it. Here's a closer look at my favourite bits:

I used a full sheet of Tim Holtz grungeboard alphas, glued it on a Jenni Bowlin Bingo card, painted it, inked it, stamped on it, embossed on it and I was SUPER happy with the outcome.

So happy that I got lazy on the inside (haha!) and just repeated one idea on the inside. But its a fun idea you might like to try:

Masked & Spattered Embossing:

1. Place a Tim Holtz mask on cardstock.
2. Spray over mask with glimmer mist or Maya mist
3. Remove mask
4. Sprinkle on embossing powder (dont' just pour it might get a blob and not a 'spatter')
5. Heat to dry

Its nice to get that 'not quite there' image instead of the usual very defined mask.

Hope your week is off to a good start! I'm a little disappointed that I can't teach class this Wednesday (have to go help set up the new PaperMarket Raffles City store)....but.....duty calls! See you all soon K?

Friday, July 2, 2010

Work is a Gift

This week, I was struck by how blessed I am to be doing what I am doing (Thank you God! Thank you Laine!). It was not always this way (and may not always be this way), and I shouldn't take it for granted.

This week I was 'extra' blessed because:

1. I got to teach people who were happy and eager to learn and share - they made class so fun and enjoyable (Thank you students!) - Eh, other students from other classes (not in this picture), its not that I'm not thankful for you ok? Just don't have photos of you!!

2. People gave me free scrapbooking materials and trusted me to create stuff with it (Thank you POD! Thank you Laine!)

Layout Title: Happy Birthday to You

A little close up so you can see those POD stamps in action! (I'm quite proud of managing to position the star in the Date me circle - *ahem* - haha! As if! All happy accident of course!)

3. I got to have fun with my colleagues in the name of work. (Thank you Mer Mer! Thank you Shir Shir!) It's always a bit kooky crazy when we get together - I like!

And today, I get to finish the week with a fun time with Yanni, Mer Mer and Shir Shir! Yay!

So....thank you God for a good week's work!