Saturday, February 28, 2009

February Fave

This was my favourite project in February - mainly because I got to play, play, play. Plus the colours were so happy and smiley.

Project: Canvas Art Bag (I converted a canvas book into a bag. Its for containing all my paintbrushes, pencils, scissors and other art materials - yeah, as if it can all fit in there - haha)

For this project, I used Claudine Hellmuth Studio acrylic paints and made lots of happy colourful washes of colour on the canvas (a bit like watercolour). Then I collaged lots of pictures and whimsical details on the outside using Claudine Hellmuth Studio gloss medium.

A closer look at the outside

1. Claudine Hellmuth's Studio acrylic paints are really cool - even though you dilute them down, the colours are still super vibrant and rich - really nice.

2. Crepe Paper is really nice incorporated into a collage - the gel medium turns it translucent and it makes beautiful layers.

3. I am abnormally averse to glitter - everyone in my class rubbed stickles over all their pages to get sparkly backgrounds, unlike me who only used it on one page.

Inside page: with elastic for holding pens and brushes.
Did a medium transfer on the canvas with a photocopied photo.
Pocket Pages:
No, its not your eyes (or my camera) - I made it blurry on purpose - stamped in the wash while wet. (And that's why there's fish - cos its wet - haha)
Hope you all had fun at class and felt like an artist for the day - I certainly did.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mess Mess Mess, I love to make a Mess

I've been doing quite a bit of messing around for March's stamping technique class. Here's a few sneaks:
A bit of the cover... (its actually much dirtier than this - I chose the cleanest part to show you - haha)
Very Happy Accident - guess how I got those flowers in the background
Quite a bit of cooking involved
Cool material to try out Funny but fun technique:Had a lot of fun with techniques on this one. Nyah nya, don't tell you what I used - you'll have to come to class! Tsk tsk so childish Sharon.

And speaking of teasers, check out what Tia is saying about her class at Creative Escape! So exciting! You guys signed up yet?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Die Die Must Attend!!!

I am trying to say this very calmly but it's just not possible:

Donna Downey is coming - she's teaching a mixed media round canvas class (Swoon!)
Kah-Mei Smith is coming - she's teaching a mini album stamping technique class (WoooHooo!)
Tia Bennett is coming - she's teaching a freestyle mini album class with some hybrid digital stuff (Faint!!!)

They'll all be coming to Singapore to an event organised by Laine's on 25th April.

So, you HAVE TO COME!!!! You HAVE TO COME!!! Tell all your scrapbooking friends - this is the first time we ever had so many wonderful guests coming together - its a super rare opportunity! It is going to be SOOOOOO great!

Details here

Forgive me while I go hyperventilate now.

Friday, February 20, 2009

This Needs Photos

Here's some full pics of the "Year in Review" album I designed for February class. We just finished the last class of this and I hope everyone had a good time.

Album Title: "Older and Hopefully Wiser - The Year in Review"
I really love this colour combi - Teal and brown - lovely. Don't you just love that Oliver Owl to bits? And did you know Betty embossed owls and stamped images for every single person in class?This album's made up of all kinds of different chipboard and cardstock pages and plastic pockets a-la-Ali Edwards. (Pages mostly from 7G pages meant for the carousel). Hey, did you notice my dirty black fingerprint on the library pocket?! tsk tsk so messy Sharon)Tags plus gaffer tape = instant mini book.A gaffer tape -hinged flip book, with plastic pockets too.Love this colour of glimmer mist - Patina + Meadow Green + Twilight

Hope your weekend is restful.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Go Veggie!

Layout Title: "He's Catching Up to You"
Another layout for Purple Onion. Featuring the stamps:
1. Date Me (this one's going to be another favourite I think) and
2. Blossoms

Happy 'on purpose' Accidents:
1. The numbers on the kraft coloured cardstock were stamped on tissue paper and then glued on using Claudine Hellmuth's Studio multi-medium. (Love the 'wonkiness' of the numbers that you get from crinkling the tissue.)

2. I like the effect of the torn storybook page paper on the edges of the layout. (Recycled from last month's altered book class!)

Best Bits (in my opinion):
1. The little green frog next to the journaling block
2. The photos

Just occurred to me that I seem to be making layouts of my hubby always in green (see case in point below).

Layout Title: "Bloom Where You're Planted"
What can I say...the man has green thumbs (and fingers and hands). And you can tell from the photo he likes a good funny photo as much as I do.

Thank God for husbands you can laugh with.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This is Me

Layout Title: "Quite the Scatter Brain"
This one is for Purple Onion.

Stamps featured:
-Date Me -What's the Point? (hey, hey, sounds like a funny conversation going on here...)
- Caution Label Set - SuperStar Set - Round Scallop Ledger Label - Broken 15 Alphabet - Late 1800's Script Background

Yes, I am aware that...
1. The background is very messy - it's supposed to reflect the state of my mind (actually its even messier than this - I don't even have a numbered list going on in there.)
2. The calendar is for January and I have March classes as number 2 on the to-do list - End of January is when I start thinking about classes for March.
3. That photo makes my nose look very piggy - but that's me too!

Favourite Bit:
The part that says "CAUTION, DO NOT OVERLOAD"

Here's wishing us all a clear-brained day ahead! (Well, I can hope...)

OOPS! Almost Forgot!
There's a super good Clearance Sale going on at Laine's right now. 40% off! Details here.
Lucky I didn't forget this one.

Monday, February 9, 2009

One Down, Two to go

Finished one project for March class at Laine's. This will be a present for the little cutie in the pink glasses who'll be turning 3 soon.

As you can see from the sneak above, its a very 'happy' project - full of candy colours. I had fun making the colours pop and I'm very happy with the overall look of it (even managed to get my hands dirty at one point) I guess cute is ok but pretty is not? Haha. Maybe my taste is changing....

Nah....still feel like I need to go distress something now.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Beth Likes This

Altered Clock: "Always Make Time to..."
Journaling: Always make time to... share, be silly, play, savour, hug, explore, rest, talk

Most people who see this don't really know its a clock till I point it out to them - haha.... (Husband asked how come scrapbookers always have to make things look so complicated ("chao pattern" were his exact words)). Beth likes this project - she likes to look at the little pictures.

Idea to Share
(just one):
To get the 'curled up edge on the cardstock, just spritz some water on the edges and roll upwards wih with fingers. You're gonna say this is gross, but I was just thinking that if you didn't have any water around, you could probably do this with your mouth / saliva, perhaps even chewing the edges a bit for that 'extra distressed' look - haha. Hmmm..... I bet its safe cos acid-free right?

Then while the edges are still damp, you can dip it in a little gold embossing powder and emboss the edges so they get a nice old 'crusted' edge. Very 'piratey'.

K. Have a good time this weekend!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thankful Today

Layout Title: "Little Boys are...."
Today I am thankful for this little boy - despite his stubborness, despite his impulsiveness and the ants in his pants. He is a hard nut to crack - Is it just me or are boys just 'like that' (?) Or just mine? Ah, my sweet Beanie B - life is an adventure eh?

On a Scrapbooking Note:
1. This is a fun (but tedious) thing to try with KI Memories lace cardstock. Select different patterns and use them to 'fill the gaps' in the lace cardstock. In order not to drive yourself bonkers, you might find it easier to trace the area you want to cover and then cut the 'patch' slightly inside the line, so that it 'fits'. I backed the whole thing with black cardstock.

2. This is one of my all time favourite photos. Taken with him standing just below me and looking up at the camera. Looks like those big-headed doggie photos eh? Haha.

Q: What ya up to Sharon?:
A: Lots of things!

1. I am admiring the new CHA arrivals that came into the store (very very cute - even messy grungy me approves) - I like the new Cosmo Cricket Snorkel and Girl Friday patterns best.

2. I am dreaming of March projects and being thankful for a job where I am paid to dream. (trying to get into 'cute' mode cos I have lots of funky colours to work with. You all are going to say "so not you" again, I just know it)

3. and I made a card (that I actually like):

Cardmaking is hard for me. I find it hard not to over-fuss and have to resist reaching for the ink and smearing it all over (Ink covers a multitude of 'sins' don't you know?). So....small card, big achievement for the shmoo.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Can You Be Worried And Happy at the Same Time?

When you're a mom... of course!!! All the time!
I did this layout some time back but I'm finding that this week, I need to 'hear' this again.

Layout Title: "Don't Worry About Me Mummy"
Don't Worry About Me Mummy,
- I will learn as I grow
- I'll find my own way
- God is watching over me

Favourite Bits:
1. The stamped journaling lines on the sides. (This was the first time I realised you actually get nice results not inking the whole stamp - ink it 'uneven' instead)
2. The black streaks - I made those with an inky metal ruler (Hey! Happy Accident!)
3. The little cloud stamps from Bampop
4. The photo -love that lip!

And a few people have been asking me, so......

This is a Shmoo...He doesn't talk, just makes cute squeaky sounds and he can stretch / change into almost any shape. It was my nickname in school and there was also a cartoon on TV back when I was a kid.....around same time as Captain Caveman, Penelope Pitstop, old Scooby Doo, (Any 70s babies out there?)

So.....gloo (cos I use lots of it), shmoo (cos that's me) and glooshmoo (cos it sounds like when you say "fancy shmancy" - its fun to say and doesn't take itself too seriously - that's me I hope...).

Told ya I was a junkie for symbolism.