Friday, October 28, 2011

November Class Sneaks

Hello! All the November class projects are out at Laine's.

You can see it better on the Laine's blog
See you in class ok?

Monday, October 24, 2011

"Aiyoh So Preeeetty...

...You sure this is yours?"
That's the reaction I got from a friend who saw this project:
Haha.....yes.  this is mine.  Mer always says I am a closet pink-lover anyway, so this is just me letting her out to play for a while.

It's supposed to be a true accordian album (i.e. one that looks like an accordian - the musical instrument that is).

And its made from a transparent can:
A big thank you to all you lovely ladies who signed up for this class!  Hope you had fun! 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More Recycling!

Seems like the little shadowbox magnet I made last time is going places... Here's version 2 - cute one.... with roof!

The projects were made from recycled Maya Road packaging
 and I'm really honoured that the folks over at Maya Road liked the idea enough to feature it on their blog.  (Thank you Lia! Thank you Maya Road!) They've posted my instructions for the project as well over there if you'd like to have a look.

Thanks for dropping by! Can't stay long, 'cos I've got layouts to finish..... see you soon!

Monday, October 17, 2011

(Some) November Sneaks

In November classes, there'll be

1.  A sunshiney mini album that shares some fun foam stamping and painting ideas - I'll also be including the foam stamp I used as part of the class :)

2.  A burgundy-pink-blue album...
 with pages that slide up...
 like this:

3.  A layout class that looks like this................. [               ]
because I haven't finished it yet.... :P

Friday, October 14, 2011

A Rather Color-Coordinated Post

Here's what I and the Critters have been up to these days... (for some reason, everything seems to have red /brown in it)

1.  Critters behind the Camera (and yes, I know they're supposed to be studying):

" Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!" -  by Beth Ngoo

"Chilli Crabs on Sleigh" - by Lego Ngoo (the artist formerly known as Spaceman Spiff)

2.  Potentially Embarassing Photos Return Home:
Thank you everyone for making this bookbinding class a super fun class to teach - thank you for stitching and chatting, jokes about bra cups and for keeping all your comments about my gawky teenage photos to yourselves. ;)

recycled cardboard box covers with canvas spine. Long stitch

 what's in the capsule (aka bra cup)

 spine (best bit in my opinion)

inside pages (and no, you cannot see the potentially embarassing photos)

3. Stocking Up on Mojo:
I've been using this:   Follow Me on Pinterest to get those creative juices going. Now to get off the net and get some real work done!

The next post will be a sneak of November classes - promise!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday's Good for Sharing

It's raining buckets today over here....and I'm quite liking the weather actually... It's a strangely un-manic Monday... and I hope you'll enjoy what I'm sharing today:

1.  This Majadesign 6X6" Paper Stack
goes to Xylvie - congrats! Drop me an email with your address so I can send this over to you K?

2.  Halloween Projects:
I had fun making these Halloween projects using my Purple Onion stamps.  They're meant to be a 'set' for a Halloween party:
Door Hanger
 (You know why he's creepy? 'cos he's got 2 right hands..)

Goodie bag
We don't really celebrate Halloween at the Ngoo house but I had a lot of fun making these projects.  :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Blue Surprise

I made this yearbook recently (for a friend who's favourite colours are blue and silver):


 I was quite pleased with myself at managing to find 12 different ways to display the numbers 1 - 12 on the cover, but when I showed hubby he said, "Looks kind of the another project you did before" I think he means it kind of looks like this one:

 Now is that a good or bad thing? Actually I'm just pleasantly surprised that he remembers my older projects! heh heh...

And speaking of pleasant surprises....

I've got a stack of 6X6" papers from the Skärgårdsliv - Life by the Sea collection from Majadesign (which is the exact collection of papers I used for the little book above) to give away.  So if you'd like to have it, please leave a comment on this post.

 By Sunday, 9 October ok? :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011


This month's challenge at Scrapforhelp is to recycle the packaging we get with our scrapbooking products.  I made this mini shadowbox fridge magnet:

from this:

And here's how: (thought you might like to see.... my mummy taught me its good to share)
1.  Packaging for the 'glass' and cardboard box for the base:

2.  Strips of chipboard or corrugated board for the 'frame':

3.  Cover base with pattern paper and arrange nice bits in the centre:

4.  Glue packaging in place to 'seal' everything in:

5.  Glue on the strips to form the frame, decorate he 'glass' with rubons and ribbon if you like:
 6.  Wrap with tape (I used Tim Holtz masking tape) to cover up the fact that you didn't measure the frame strips properly (heh...):
7.  A bit of twine for texture (and cover up), a magnet on the back, and you're done:

Quite fun.... :)  Hmmmm....maybe this will be this year's Christmas present...