Thursday, January 17, 2013

Deconstruction of a Matchbook Box

 Once in a while I get quite 'contrary' and try my best to use things in a way they weren't necessarily intended for - keeps the mojo fresh! haha.  So....the 8X8" Matchbook box gets seriously sliced up...and the Place in Time papers get used NOT as a calendar.

Deconstruction deconstructed:
I removed the upper half of the outer cover leaving only the bottom portion and decided it would make a cool holder for paper and pencils.  The idea evolved from there and so I ended up with a Family Mail Box - a place where family members can leave notes for each other - complete with little mailboxes for each person and a place for papers and pencils too!


Papers from Place in Time Collection
7.  Various foundation papers (cut up to make note paper)
1.  May Arts
2.  Paint - Liquitex

Monday, January 14, 2013

This One is For Me

A messy journal filled with random thoughts about God and life and such....  I think the messiness of all the paint and mediums matches the state of my headspace....yes, it is very messy in there.

Messiness is very liberating... you can't tell which ones are 'mistakes' and which ones are 'designs'

Mess is Best...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Love for Old Friends

My dearest stamps (rubber, cling, unmounted, and clear),

I'm really sorry that you guys have been sitting in the dark dank drawer for such a long time while I have been busy playing with paper, embellishments and other paraphernalia.  I'd forgotten how much I love you guys....

So, I hope you had fun on our recent outing...

...where it was just the two of us (with our favourite embossing powder and ink buddies and just a few stickers for company).....rediscovering each other again....

I love how you blend into my journaling, making my handwriting look better than it actually is...

and how I can stamp you again and again till you run out of ink and you still make things look good...

I love it when you partner up with your good friend embossing powder to create awesome effects...

and how I can use you in an 'any old how' way to make cool backgrounds...

I love how you help me highlight my photos....

And how you make on impression on every surface you meet....

Oh my darling stamps! How I love you so!!!  You make me feel like an artist!

Till our next adventure!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I'm Late! I'm Late!

Class samples are finally in store!!! My apologies for being so late this month!

Two Mini albums:
One grubby, one happy