Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Onion - Flavoured Cards

Purple Onion is celebrating it's 6th Anniversary with a 25% discount on stamps!

So here are some Onion-flavoured cards from the occasional cardmaker (i.e. me) to celebrate the occasion!

Happy Birthday: Stamps used: "Date me" and "Bubble-ma-jig"
Thanks: Stamps used: "Brocante Set (rabbit)" "Ornamentals Set (leaves), "Fanciful Labels"Missing You: Stamps used: "Blossom Set", "Stems and Grass Set"Hi: Stamps Used: "Brocante Set (butterfly)"
You probably heard already, but my all time favourite butterfly stamp from the Brocante set is now available by itself in different sizes! (Yes, I got them for myself...of course!!! haha)

Hope your week is going well....mine is getting jam-packed, crammed, stuffed and squashed with lots of ideas and deadlines, but I am keeping my head above water and thankful for every small pleasure.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What's Cooking?

1.Inedible Cookies
Made these as custom embellishments for this month's mini album class. Here's the recipe:

You will need:
1. Modelling paste
2. Piping bag and nozzle that you are willing to sacrifice to the cause of art
3. Non-stick craft sheet (like the one Ranger makes)
4. Willingness to get your hands messy

Method:Add Image 1. Secure nozzle onto piping bag
2. Fill piping bag with modelling paste (you will need to 'encourage' the modelling paste a bit- it does not go in willingly. heh)
3. pretend you are baker squeezing out icing onto non-stick craft sheet
4. ruin many cookies, dirty your hands trying to wipe them off and stuff them back in the bag until you finally get just the right amount of pressure to squeeze out nice shaped ones.
4. Leave modelling paste cookies to dry overnight
5. Gently peel cookies off non-stick craft sheet
6. Enjoy! (DO NOT EAT!!!)
(Note: hand above has already been washed so that it is fit to would not want to see how it looked before this)

2. Nine Layouts

I have finished all nine (phew!) layouts for August's classes. There'll be 3 layout classes in August and each features three pages. And here are sneaks of all nine, hot out of the oven:

Class: "OUT OF BOUNDS" - these layouts are all 'built from scratch' with no 12X12" boundary or base
Class: "Antiquity" - layouts featuring distressing techniques and lots of vintage images.

Class: "Little Critters" - layouts featuring little creatures and critters
3. One Mini Album I Like A Lot
Class: "Perspective" -
using 7 Gypsies envelope album and featuring Ranger memory glass and capsules.

All the samples are ready for viewing at the store and I think you should be able to start booking class tomorrow.
now, the cook will take a little rest before thinking about September's menu....phew!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday's Got Me Moving

Been a while... it's time to get on with things. A little vegetating is good for the soul, but too much leads to brain rot and excessive prosperity around the tummy and butt...haha (says Sharon the Sunday couch potato sternly to herself)

Here's what I designed for last month's mini album class. I love the colours (teal teal teal!) and the clean-ness of it....hmm...funny....I think my style might be getting more simple? (Nah, its probably just a break before the crazy 'chao pattern' dirty-hand bug bites me again). I am schizophrenic that way - I like both clean simple things and excessively detailed pieces.
Project Title: "Just For You" (Fancy Pants mixed page mini album for DD)
I like this's got circle overload but I feel it kind of works. Plus it's got a transparent page that you can turn...(that's the most 'complicated' thing I did on this album...haha)
I like the rays of painted yellow sunshine (paint on felt has a nice texture)
These were fun to make (the big star is sewn into the felt and the little one is just Scrapper's Floss wrapped round a book ring). That's it for now....gotta get off my butt and go finish up more layouts for August classes! Show you sneaks soon - I like how August's mini album turned out.

Purple Onion Anniversary Sale!!!

Purple Onion is having an Anniversary Sale! All stamps are 25% off until the end of the month. Please enter the promotion code: SALE6 on the check out page.

And there are some really yummy totally cool stamps out - my favourite butterfly from the brocante set now comes in a set of its own, with different sized butterflies - woo hoo!
Check out the details here:

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Most Photos I Ever Put In

This was fun - haven't done so much 'building' lately...
Layout Title: "Redang '08"
Hiding behind this panel....
are 6 photos...
And under the main photo is one more...
Making a grand total of 8 photos - Could have put more but I think the layout is heavy enough as it is.

On a Non-Scrapbooking Note:
Beth (and to a lesser extent, Benny) has been obsessed with clay and just wanted to show you some of my favourites:
Benny's turtle: Victor and Victoria (Beth made this - I'm seriously impressed or maybe just a teensy bit biased? haha) Beth's cake and Bunny (We like Aardman - Wallace and Grommit - a lot. I think you can tell) And my absolute favourite, the Slugs (Beth's green, Benny's yellow)
Looking at them makes me happy....cheerio.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sunday Visitors

This little guy and his sister came over on Sunday to visit... He's so cute - curly hair, chubby cheeks...cute cute cute!Layout Title: "One Cool Little Dude"
This was for June's layout class and is my favourite layout of the month.

What's I think is quite cool (to me at least):
1. His hairdo - (see photo below)
2. The fact that the photos are on a 'flipchart' of sorts (there are a total of 4 photos on the page):

3. The grungy background - always love that broken rub on look.
4. The colour scheme - ahhh....kraft.

Had a good time at layout class today - lots of messing about - show you when classes are over.
p.s. still no sign of the journal....but I am resigned, relaxed and not resentful. There are many better things to think about eh?