Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What's Cooking?

1.Inedible Cookies
Made these as custom embellishments for this month's mini album class. Here's the recipe:

You will need:
1. Modelling paste
2. Piping bag and nozzle that you are willing to sacrifice to the cause of art
3. Non-stick craft sheet (like the one Ranger makes)
4. Willingness to get your hands messy

Method:Add Image 1. Secure nozzle onto piping bag
2. Fill piping bag with modelling paste (you will need to 'encourage' the modelling paste a bit- it does not go in willingly. heh)
3. pretend you are baker squeezing out icing onto non-stick craft sheet
4. ruin many cookies, dirty your hands trying to wipe them off and stuff them back in the bag until you finally get just the right amount of pressure to squeeze out nice shaped ones.
4. Leave modelling paste cookies to dry overnight
5. Gently peel cookies off non-stick craft sheet
6. Enjoy! (DO NOT EAT!!!)
(Note: hand above has already been washed so that it is fit to would not want to see how it looked before this)

2. Nine Layouts

I have finished all nine (phew!) layouts for August's classes. There'll be 3 layout classes in August and each features three pages. And here are sneaks of all nine, hot out of the oven:

Class: "OUT OF BOUNDS" - these layouts are all 'built from scratch' with no 12X12" boundary or base
Class: "Antiquity" - layouts featuring distressing techniques and lots of vintage images.

Class: "Little Critters" - layouts featuring little creatures and critters
3. One Mini Album I Like A Lot
Class: "Perspective" -
using 7 Gypsies envelope album and featuring Ranger memory glass and capsules.

All the samples are ready for viewing at the store and I think you should be able to start booking class tomorrow.
now, the cook will take a little rest before thinking about September's menu....phew!


Sue Lui said...

The classes look incredible Sharon. I must pop by the shop to take a look and see if I can fit them into my schedule. :)

wendy kwok said...

I love the sneak peeks! And the moulding clay is such a creative idea!

Sasha Farina said...

*bows down* you're chock full of talent, sharon!

Anonymous said...

ooooo.... another bunch of great stuff!! looking forward to attending these!

Edleen said...

wowzers Sharon! they look awesome :)

CK Chai said...

Drooling... I must find time to attend class!!!