Thursday, November 27, 2008

Shmoo Can Cook - So Can You

Project Title: " So This is Real Love" (Prima Embossed Chipboard Album - Original words on front cover were "What I Love")

I have been wanting to record this happy accident for the longest time. It was VERY scary and looked super gross while I was doing it but turned out to be the most cool thing I'd done in a long time. So, see, it pays to be brave. (of course I haven't shown you all the 'unhappy' accidents I've had while being brave - haha)

Should have taken photos of the process, but didn't know I'd be blogging then so.... you'll just have to be brave and trust my words on this one. Here goes...

Happiest Accident of All Time (So Far): aka how to make your page look like a corroded manhole cover or the inside of a drain


1. Embossed chipboard (or just chipboard shapes too)

2. Ink - 'dirty' colours (Distress ink works nicely)

3. Glimmer Mist - metallic colours

4. Glossy Accents - (matte works too - different look)

5. Staz On ink - black / brown

6. Stickles - metallic colours


1. Colour the entire chipboard with ink (this will be your base colour) - I used black on mine

2. Sand away parts of the ink with a sanding block (to get some colour variation) - starts to look VERY gross here, but be brave and press on!

3. Use glossy accents to go over the embossed design - if you squeeze more, it 'corrodes' more later

4. COOK the glossy accents with your heat gun. Don't wait for it to dry. It will start to bubble and froth and produce all kinds of yummy bumps. (You can flatten the bubbles out later)

5. Spray glimmer mist all over the chipboard - the glimmer mist will pool in the spaces and give the chipboard the metallic look. (I used Gold and Copper)

6. Use Staz On ink to colour your cooked glossy accents if it looks too white for your liking. Also use Staz On ink to colour various parts of your chipboard if you need some darker areas

7. Add stickles and some white pen doodles to highlight parts of the chipboard you like

1. When we taught this class at the store, some of the students did other coloured versions by changing the base ink colour. There was this green one that looked like it was all covered in algae - nice....I like.

2. You can also draw your own designs with glossy accents and then cook it.

3. I believe Stickles can be 'cooked' as well though not in such a spectacular fashion.

And for those of you who wondered what the inside of the album was like:

You can tell I was very tired after all the cooking so didn't have energy to fancy-up the inside.

Happy Cooking!

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