Friday, June 24, 2011

Specially Rusted Just for You

This is my favourite project from May's classes. It's all brown and rusty and 'vintagey' - and I'm glad that so many of you enjoyed this project too! Thank you!!! 
 Other side...
 Close ups:

The rusty finish of the suitcase is my favourite part of this.... and we specially requested to have these suitcases 'rusted' for the class.  Which is why I found it really amusing that some people asked if we could 'unrust' it....haha.

I went stamp crazy on this one...there are hardly any embellishments....just lots of stamping

Thanks again for letting me indulge in my love for rust.... It was great seeing you all enjoy yourselves in class!


Scrapthat said...

Oh how I wish I could be there!
1. because it's in S'Pore and 2. because your suitcase is GORGEOUS!!!
... I WANT ONE! :)
Just fabulous! TFS!

Erin Bradley said...

Wow. I absolutely LOVE this. It is beyond beautiful!

Julie said...

wow sharon this is gorgeous

Jessy Christopher said...

Drooling looking at the beautiful details!!

Blossom inch said...

I totally love this...look so vintage!

jaz lee said...

Very very pretty in brown, Sharon!! You are out Tim Holtz hehehe ;)