Wednesday, December 10, 2008

In a End-of-Year Kind of Mood

Wooden Mini Album: "This Year So Far"
I'm in a reflective, look back kind of mood....what with the snuggly weather and the year coming to a close...So these are the major things we did this year:
1. We moved house
2. Beth started Primary School
3. We took our best family holiday together so far
Happy Accidents & Other Discoveries:
1. Love the 'Spaghetti' on the front cover - its made of....*drumroll*... rubber bands! This was the first time I tried using gesso as a glue. I saw these cool textures on this website: and decided to give it a go. I painted globs of gesso on, pressed the rubber bands in, painted lots more gesso over them, then later when the gesso was dry, I painted it with acrylic paints, sprayed glimmer mist and added buttons etc. Seriously fun.
2. On the third page I tried out a technique I learned from Claudine Hellmuth's book "Collage Discovery Workshop" where you splat various colours of paints on then use cling wrap and smoosh the paints around and when you pull of the cling wrap you get these really nice 'wrinkle' designs. Good stuff.
K....that's it for now. I'm still busy playing with my Claudine Hellmuth Studio stuff and the project for January is progressing.... promise to show you a sneak peek by the end of the week. I am getting high on the multi-medium....woo hoo!


Karmele said...

Your mini is great!!! I love the colours!!
Greeting from Spain!!

lynklee said...

u live in simei now? So do I!! Near the mrt.

couldn't find yr email addy, drop me a mail at lyndiskang @ and I'll send u my blog address... :)