Thursday, March 26, 2009

Aiyoh So Nice!!! Cannot Tahan!

April is coming and we're gearing up, getting excited, raring to go! And so the countdown to Creative Escape Begins - exactly 1 month to go!

Here are some sneaks of Tia Bennett's "Pieces of My Heart" class: Woo Hoo! Check out the delicious materials she's working with - SOOO pretty (Ok, its really not like me to gush about prettiness - but I seriously like her choices of materials) Plus this is a cool kit - you'll be able to do this either as a 6X6" album or 6X12" - can't wait to see how she does that!
PLUS!!! Here are sneaks of some of the exclusive limited edition / autographed products Donna Downey will be bringing with her to Creative Escape - so you ladies who have signed up already - you're gonna be the privileged ones who get to snap up these delicious goodies!!! (I've got my eye on her fabric journals...)
Its NOT too late to sign up - there are a few spaces left! I'd sign up for it if I could , but I'll be working that the event of course! Haha! Seriously - its going to be really great - I am SOOO looking forward to seeing all 3 talented ladies and soaking up their creativity - see ya.


Edleen said...

oh my...oh my!!!

Julie said...

This looks scrummy. Have fun.