Saturday, May 8, 2010

What Goes Around Comes Around...

Shirley was looking for the instructions for April's DS-BLACK mini album class and discovered that I actually had another class called DS-BLACK designed way back in 2007!!! Haha....looks like I've finally run out of names for classes!

So, just for fun, here is DS-BLACK (circa 2007):
(simple book binding project. mostly 7 Gypsies papers)
And here is DS-BLACK (circa 2010):
(all papers and embellishments from g.c.d.)
The album title is taken from the book "You are Mine" by Max Lucado and I filled the book with all my favourite bible verses, ones that I want to share with my kids.

And here's a fun technique to share from the class (its a small twist on one of my favourite happy accidents):

Faux old metal texture:(nice on chipboard)1. Stamp various images onto your chipboard with any ink (The image cannot be TOO intricate 'cos of Step 2)

2. Re-draw / colour the image with glossy accents (NOTE: if you put very little, the effect is not very obvious. If you put too much, it tends to get so blobby your details may get lost. So......guess you have to just try. If not nice, you get to do it again.....YAY! heh)

3. Cook glossy accents with heat gun (make sure you let it fester and bubble)

4. Once dry, paint over the whole thing with metallic paint (I used a Ranger bronze dabber). Dry again with heat gun.

5. Make a batch of dilute black paint and paint over the entire surface (it will look quite gross). Then use a spray bottle to spray water onto the surface (especially the parts with the glossy accents) - the water will help to make the bumps 'stand out' more and make the black paint pool in the grooves. Let any of your excess paint drip off, then heat the whole thing to dry.

So.....Do you think my style has changed? Colour preference obviously has not! Haha.


salme said...

Love all these and can't wait for 22nd, we are attending your DS-Board class :D

Lydia said...

Gosh... 3 years already!!! Hehe I attended 2007 Black class! Colors changed? Neh~ that's just so Sharon~ :D but I like!!! The blacker, the better!

jaz lee said...

Hi Sharon, you are ever ever ever so talented. all your creations whether way back 2007 or now they are beauuutiful!

thanks for viviting my blog...oh ya hoe, that journalling thingy i forgot to share but my laptop always so camel usually just on eimg for one porject teehee...

also, Wishing you a Blessed Mother's Day ;)

Wendy Kwok said...

Hmmm... your style has not changed... still very technique based which I like alot.

Edleen said...

Happy Mother's Day Sharon!
love your work then and now :)

Jessy Christopher said...

Sometimes I do wonder where u got ur brain juices from... LOL!! You create stunning projects to teach. I wish I have magic fingers like u do... Seriously!!

Anonymous said...

hi sharon....
i actually signed up for your black class to learn this faux metal look. but i missed it cos i was sick.
so was extremely delighted to see u generously sharing the technique of doing so. can't wait to try it!!
also, can't wait to attend your arcylic album class this friday.
fiona tay

Sasha Farina said...

i think you're still the same ley.. just better version of you. :)

Wati Basri said...

love it both sharon!