Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Now Its Only Pink Where I Can't See It

It started out like this:
And ended up like this:one side
other side

As you can see, there was no hot pink in sight anywhere after I got done with it - very pleased with myself about that.

Some fun ideas to share:

1. Paint is great for lazy (or lousy) people - I painted all the edges of the suitcase with cream paint and even used it to hide my lousy papering job around the buckle and handle. You can tell everybody it's supposed to look 'rustic' - haha!
2. Sometimes it's ok to steal from your children - Beth's school exercise book pages made for the perfect background for all the nostalgic Sassafras Lass paper.

3. The tiny stuff is worth the effort - the frames above were made from this sheet of Sassafrass Lass paper (Anthem collection - wall of fame) and each of them has 2 layers.
Step 1: Cut out a framed picture that I like
Step 2: Cut out matching frame for that picture and remove the 'inside' with a knife
Step 3: Glue your frame on transparency and cut around it
Step 4: glue frame (now with 'glass') over your chosen picture with foam dots.

You get a really cute mini picture behind 'glass...tedious but very nice.

Would you carry this suitcase and walk down the street? I think I know a little girl who just might....


Sue Lui said...

Sharon, you're hilarious. There really isn't any pink in sight. :) Love what you did with it.

Scrapthat said...

I've been wanting to find these for a memory box for my DD...I will save your link for inspiration for when I do! TFS!

Janice Boon said...

Hi Sharon love what you did! its sooOoo nice.

CK Chai said...

Hi Sharon, saying Hi from Malaysia... Love this altered suitcase!!!

Edleen said...

it is awesome! must waterproof it now :D love your creations!!!

Sasha Farina said...

prettyyyyyyyy!! i want!! make one for me!!! :P nidhi will be coming soon to redeem her twisties! lol.

Betty said...

I like! pink in it...i want one too!