Friday, October 29, 2010

In a Bit of a Pickle...

I am so very happy and honoured because Veronica gave me one of these:

Thank you so much Veronica!

And here's the pickle part:

Along with the award, I'm supposed to share 3 things I enjoy doing - How can I just pick 3 things??? There's loads more things I enjoy doing. I need a top 40 list! haha. But oh about these..?

- eating potato gratin
- hugging - anyone and everyone
- laughing - as often as I can

And even more pickle-y is:

I have to pick 5 blogs to pass this award on to.....aaargh! (tears hair) how to choose only 5???!!! But choose I must, so.....I choose

Betty -because she is my brave and artsy good old buddy and always game to try out new things in her creations

Ed - because she is sweet and always so giving and effortlessly makes scrapbooking and crafting a lifestyle to share with others

- because she is such a lovely and sweet gentle person who is always ready to share and has a fresh way of using scrapbooking products.

Jaz - because she is so kind and humble despite being the queen of layering and because I can never figure out how she finds space to tuck in so many things on her layouts.

Merdrey -because she is sweet, shares my sense of humour and puts weird things in her layouts and thinks in 3D

Shirley - because she is warm, funny and has a true love for scrapbooking (especially the products right Shir?)

So, ladies......if you are passing the award along, please remember to:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award
2. List 3 things you enjoy
3. Nominate 5 people to give the award to

Welcome to the pickle barrel! haha.


Edleen said...

*Hug Hug*

Thanks Sharon♥

jaz lee said...

iSPY my jazzy name Sharon and am so touched ive been pickled alongside the other 4fab girls !!! hehe

so touched how you describe me ;) humble i shall stay all my life for without Him im nothing. thank you Sharon for putting a smile on my face today;)

love loads,jaz

jacqueline said...

you are so VERY VERY deserving of the award!!!! You three things surprised me, I expected Critter, Coke and getting messy to be in there somewhere!

Shirley said...

Wahahahaha! Yes!! Esp the products. Mind is willing but heart is weak! Arghhh! New stuff again lor!

Mum in the Making said...

Congrats! I think you totally deserved the award! :) But... hey, I seem to spy 6 pickles... hmmm...

Unknown said...

Heh heh MamaJ.....I was hoping no one would notice! haha

feli said...

thank you so much sharon! that's so sweet of you... :)

Betty said...

Your blog deserved to be awarded...hehehe...thank you for your little encouragement too...