Saturday, May 12, 2012

Scene of a Happy Accident

Here's the last project that I submitted to the Graphic45 Final auditions:
And I had a real blast with this one, because of a fun happy accident and discovery along the way.
Those of you who like Graphic45 will recognise that this is made from their Metal Film Canister with album:
I glued an ornate chipboard piece in the centre and then did some messing around with paints and stuff.  The happy accident is how I managed to get the silver metal cover to look like brown mahogany wood.  Apparently black paint + dark red Maya Mist + gold Glimmer mist makes for a nice combination!  And apparently my ugly brush strokes in the black paint end up looking like woodgrain...oh happy accident, how I have missed you! :)

The canister and the album inside were finished off with Graphic45's Kraft Reflections collection.

Lettering: Basic Grey
Bling: Mark Richards


Anonymous said...

Sharon, am so inspired by your creations! All 3 projects are just so beautiful :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I loveeeeeeeeee your happy accident!! So GORGEOUS!! I love the details and all colors!!!

Heather Jacob said...

wow with a capital W .... and another W .. sooooooooooooo amazing and inspiring xoxox

Unknown said...

Happy accident indeed! Thanks for the recipe and I love that precious baby photo, too sweet!