Monday, November 3, 2008

And in the Spirit of Halloween...

Mini Album: "Right Now I'm Grateful For..."
I designed this Zutter-bound mini-album for a class in October. Was supposed to have an autumn 'thanksgiving' kind of feel (to match the theme...) but somehow ended up looking more like Halloween instead....oh well.
Happy Accidents and Other Discoveries:
  1. The 'treasure map' effect on the square piece of Pageframes overlay is fun to just snip and make some notches on the edges, then emboss the edges and as you heat with your heat gun the plastic will melt and you can 'shape' it a bit to curl it up. This is one of those fun things Betty and I experimented with a while ago. Check out what Betty made with her melted transparency:
  2. Bronze UTEE looks really nice....I also tried sprinkling it instead of the usual using it with a stamp. (i.e. rub glue pad all over the paper, then sprinkle little grains of UTEE on). You get a kind of bumpy corrugated faux metal texture....nice.
  3. The little white lumps around the lock are beeswax pellets. This experiment totally failed so we didn't do in class. But for the record, I pressed the wax pellets onto a small transparency square, then heated them a little bit so they melted and 'merged' into each other - but not too much so that final result is still bumpy. Nice at first, but it all started falling off by the time class started so....sigh... perhaps next time I'll do it on paper or cloth...quite liked the 'chicken pox' texture... or maybe make like braille....hmmm

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Sue said...

Hey Sharon! I sort of completed my cover but I switched it up a little. Must show you when I'm done. Great album! :)