Friday, November 7, 2008

Hmmm...everything seems to be orange these days

Layout: "Three B's and a Me in the Ngoo Family Tree"
Photo by Aaron Tan (a good friend of mine from church. He takes incredible pictures See here:

This is the other layout that I did for the Purple Onion Design Team final submissions. Really liked the stamps on this one (all from Purple Onion of course:
1. Broken 15 Alphabet (the text near the bottom)
2. 2008 Vintage Calendar Stamp (behind photo)
3. Stems and Grass Set (the 'bush' on the left of the photo)
4. Bare Tree (behind the word tree - what can I say, I'm a corny girl)
5. Brocante Set (the numbers, the butterfly and the 'notice board' for the word Ngoo) - there's a really nice bunny and rooster in that set that I'm looking forward to using.

No happy accidents this time, but I was really happy with the:

1. tree stamp behind the word tree (I like to be 'funny' like that)

2. stamping in grey to get variation in tones - nice.

3. The word 'me' ending up almost just below my mini photo - see corny again (ok, I guess this counts as a happy accident)

4. The title - it was one of those things where I noticed everyone else's names (or nicknames) started with B except me. Epiphany.

Yesterday was a crazy a good way. But today I like quiet I think....


~Sasha Farina~ said...

quiet is good eh :D awsome layout Sharon :D

Wendy Kwok said...

Hi Sharon, great to see your blog up! Love the GLOO idea behind the names of your blog.. love the humor..

Alexis said...

WOW...that layout is amazing. AMAZING!!!