Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"You Ah!" (what Betty says to me when she has to teach this class)

This month at Laine's we are running this "Album in an Album" class for the last 2 times. This is one of those classes that will Betty and I (and many of those who attended) will never forget because:
1. It tends to drag super long (therefore causing Betty to go home only at 11pm sometimes)

2. It caused the demise of quite a few paper piercers when we pierced through the linen-bound cover to do the black stitching. (Not to mention numerous grunts, complaints, blisters(?) and sore fingers)

3. It makes Betty & me have to dig paint out of the stamps after class cos we stamped in paint on the cover.

4. It caused a lot of waiting for those who missed the class the first round and waited 2 whole months for it to come back again. everybody who ever took (or is going to take) this class. Sorry lah, I couldn't help being 'chao pattern'. And sorry Betty....I buy you chocolate after the last class to celebrate ok? Haha.

Hope you all liked the album you made anyway - worth the blisters?

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