Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ay, I Never Take Home Ec One You Know

Ok, ok, its just a simple cloth bag, but its a big deal to me cos I sewed it all by myself from scratch - no sewing machine, no help. (That also excuses the untidy stitching which you can't see cos my photo is too small - haha). I showed this to my mother and she said, "You made this???" and I said yes and she said "Really?!!!" - So I am thoroughly satisfied. I have surprised myself and even my own mother so there!

Incidentally, this was another class that we did in October that featured fabric instead of patterned paper. All the pages of the mini album are covered with fabric (glued on - I don't like sewing THAT much) and you can see a bit of the "Zhu Jun Zao An /Good Morning" towel on the cover.

Incidentally, how do you spell Home Ec anyway?? (short form for Home Economics).

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