Monday, November 3, 2008

I Don't Celebrate Halloween....but

The Critters decided on Sunday that it would be fun to dress up for Halloween (See, this is the product of watching Playhouse Disney everyday). It was good fun. Beth made up her own costume (White Bunny fairy) and I am proud to say that I whipped up Benny's spider costume in 10 minutes - haha (did you see the clothes pegs?) We also had a visit from a little Mushroom and her brother, but she ran away before I could get a good pic (plus the costume didn't stay on for very long....humidity is such a killjoy).
Now, this is how Halloween ought to be celebrated - if you're celebrating that is... Check out Michele's house!!! And those cupcakes!!!
AND there are new stamps at Purple Onion too! Michele gives links on her Halloween post. (love the new "Hello" noteblock stamp.

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azzamac said...

Hmmm...Shouldn't mushrooms thrive in humidity?