Monday, November 10, 2008

Don't Forget To... But I Still Do...Sigh

This is the other project I submitted for Purple Onion finals and its my favourite of the three projects 'cos its really 'me'. I am extremely forgetful (Singapore = blur) and I live with a constant feeling that I'm forgetting something every moment of the day (probably am). I think my brain seems wired in a screwy kind of way. But this brain (that thinks more often about drawing and creating and making music than paying bills and cleaning house) is what God gave me. I am glad to be this way and glad for the people who love me despite my blur blob status. They are God's gift to me. So as the journaling on this says....
" Don't Forget this, do that....not forgetting that too, and this and the other....and don't forget to find God in all of it"
And that's why I chose the "Family" ribbon on the left to be part of this.
Now whether I'll actually use this book is another story...
Favourite Bits on This:
1. The string on the finger
2. The fact that I have a real receipt on the inside cover (Borders - what can I say? Its in the same building as the store!)
3. The fact that the "Family" ribbon is 'moveable' and serves as my bookmark so I'll always see it no matter what page I'm on. (you know like the string in those little diary books?)
I think you're starting to guess that I really like putting in these little 'funny' details.


~Sasha Farina~ said...

your funny little details are always awesome :D

sharongoo said...

Thank you. And you also you know? And not just saying that because you say nice things to me ok? :o)