Monday, November 24, 2008

Highly Productive....but quite pooped!

"How I was Productive this Weekend" by Shmoo

- Finished up one layout for December layout class.
- Helped out at Fontwerks class by Kah-Mei Smith on Friday - lovely, messy, fun. (Kah-Mei's the one right up front near the screen)
- Dreamt of ideas for 2 more layouts for December layout class

- Finished one more layout for December layout class
- Taught Critters how to play R-O-C-K rock [clap clap] and other childhood hand games
- Made Cottage pie for dinner
- Drafted December class schedule
- Dreamt about project ideas for Purple Onion

- Went to church - sermon on Leviticus (not as dry as you would think - very insightful)
- Finished last layout for December layout class
- took nap (yes, this is productive!)
- designed inside pages for Purple Onion project
- Played games with Critters
- Helped Benny with handwriting practice

And it's all good.


Kristy said...

Don't we all look so serious! What a fun class!

sharongoo said...
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