Thursday, January 22, 2009

In the Spirit of Chinese New Year

Just finished teaching this class a couple of days ago. Don't you think the colours are very auspicious? Maybe I can use this to carry 'kum' (mandarin oranges) around when visiting. (I could change the words to "Hong Bao's make me happy")

I like:
- the happy colours
- the butterfly (that's Kaiser bling sticker on Pageframes overlay, cut out, then bend. It will stay bent 'cos the overlay's thick)
- the fact that this is made from recycled box
And to celebrate Chinese New Year, Laine's is giving way a very cool lunar grab bag stuffed with lots of goodies and specials for future use. Details here.
So, drop by the store if you can. Just say you're going to 'visit relatives' - after all, we're all one big scrapbooking family right?

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